ASUS Transformer Prime Update Said to Bring Performance and GPS Enhancements


It looks like the hottest Android tablet this year (so far) is ready to pull down a maintenance update. Apparently it brings better touch response and smoothness to an already-smooth device. Some users are also reporting that their GPS is now working much better, though there’s no way to tell if this is by chance or if some users are still affected post-update. You’ll be looking for version (simple enough to remember) so make no delay in downloading it. And if you’re rooted you might want to wait a bit on that. [via XDA]

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  1. No, this update does not fix the GPS if I read in the XDA forum. This update will simply auto-enable Wifi and download aGPS data when you use GPS. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The GPS is still shitty.

    1. If you dont own one then your comment is useless if you do own one, downloaded the firmware update and still have GPS issues then your comment might be useful to some, not to me as my prime has been working flawlessly since day one ( Dec 21)

      1. I was REPORTING from what I read from the XDA forum.

        Got that? 

        That should be easy to understand, well probably its too difficult for you anyway ;)

      2. There have been *multiple* reports of the update not doing a thing but auto-enabling Wifi.  The GPS is still broken.  You don’t have to own one to be able to read that all over the internet on user forums and articles.  For those of us still waiting on shipping reading is a way of keeping informed.  Since you seem to be one of the extreme few who are lucky enough to have one working flawlessly, you should saunter on over to XDA and tell everyone there that they’re full of crap.

      3. Welll Bully for you! No everyone was so lucky. Eberything ELSE works Flawlessly, byt even with this update I get NO GPS fuctionalty. Zero satelite fixes. NO GPS. YOUR comment was useless. To everybody.

  2. how often does one use the GPS on the device though?  Outside of maps and other geolocation stuff, I wouldn’t consider this a reason not to buy or own the device.

    1. I would,  most app searches and google maps need GPS to function.  I lookup stuff on maps, Yelp, Google search all of the time on the tablet.

      GPS is more than just voice assisted navigation.

      1. Thank you at least someone is using their brain today!!

      2. Thus aGPS is included that works off WiFi.  Ipads don’t have a GPS chip and they work just fine with Yelp, Google Maps, etc using aGPS.  The 20′ radius is fine for that type of local search.  The only thing that will suffer will be driving directions, which I’ve never wanted to do with my tablet (and I’m betting 95%+ of people never have either).

        1. It’s also recording a gps point when I take a photo or video.  Or if you use catch it takes a gps point of notes I take.  A lot of reasons for GPS outside of navigation.  A tablet is very mobile and because of that it should be aware within a reasonable level of accuracy where I am so I can record geographically where I’m doing things.

    2. To be honest, the GPS isn’t bad enough to make me return it, originally with wifi enabled I got a lock of 50 feet, and now with the new update the wifi seems to be reporting even more accurately at 20 feet, but that’s not to say I think we should let them off the hook simply because it’s a tablet and most people won’t use GPS, I’m just saying it’s not enough to make me want to go through the hassle of returning it.

      The tablet did speed up considerably after the update, not that it was slow in any way before, but I notice a little less lag.

      I just got my tablet last thursday and what does have me concerned is the wifi issues, all my initial testing was done in my living room, a little less than 20 feet from my router, and on my fios connection I easily get 20mbps, however as soon as I leave the room the wifi signal drops, in my bedroom I get 3G speeds 2-3mbps and near the door in my rather small 2 bedroom apartment the wifi drops out, meanwhile my phone’s wifi is still getting 8-9 mbps

  3. agreed… why would you be using a tablet as a GPS. Unless of course you built in a sweet vehichle docking station for it. Then it would be acceptable. 

    1. We should not ASUS get away with this crap. Otherwise, in the future, manufacturers will do the same. They simply include (crappy/non-working) hardware feature and expect people buy the thing! … Have you seen the TF Prime ads? They shown GPS being used in the car for navigation!

    2. A) They make a vehicle docking station for this beast already and B) navigation is not the sole purpose for having GPS, get a clue please and thank you

      1. Where can i find the dock station?

        1. There is a generic one that fits all 10.1 inch tabs on amazon, I stumbled across one specifically for the prime while I was browsing for accessories but didnt pay attention to which website it was on cause I really dont need one sorry hope this helps a little

      2. But, by having a GPS, one should be able to use it as navigation.

        If not, then why put GPS in it? So, it is ok for manufacturer to put *anything* even though it does not work well?

        Same like weak WiFi, probably ASUS should write “Max distance from WiFi router should be no more than 5 meters”.

  4. The better question is, why in the year 2012 are manufacturers still having issues implementing something as simple as GPS? My old shitty LG flip phone was using GPS flawlessly 5 years ago.

  5. I own one, downloaded the update, and my gps still won’t lock on, yet since this is a wifi only device and I am always connected to my wifi hotshot my location is always spot on.

  6. Mine is sadly still on order should be here friday and I cant wait, the GPS is a non issue for me, as well as my router is in the living room centrally located to the rest of the house, so wifi range will be fine, all in all excited about getting it.

  7. Come on Asus.  I was going to buy this tablet for a business app I’m building that needs to collect a gps point.  I guess I’ll have to wait for the panasonic tablet.

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