Leaked Render Shows AT&T-branded Samsung Galaxy Note


Rumors have placed the Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T’s network at some point later in the year, and we now have the first render of the device sporting the carrier’s logo. The phone, which features a monster-sized screen measuring in at over 5 inches, has garnered a bit more interest than initially expected. We still don’t have the details on a US release, but if we asked a magic 8-ball we’d expect it to say signs are good that we could see this one at CES.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. This thing is a beast… Can anyone say LTE?

  2. I love it but I’d be afraid to break the darn thing with it in my pocket and I bend down to pick something up!

    1. It’s already passed the pocket+sitting test (youtube)

      1. That would be nice if they made it with their flexible displays…you can play twister with the phone in your skinny jeans =)

  3. This is definitely my next phone, as long as the SGS3 is “ruined” with gimmicky 3D, and as long as the rumoured Note 2 isn’t coming too soon after the US Note 1 to tempt me buying it off-contract instead of going on-contract again for a ~6-month “old” phone.

    This is the perfect-sized phone for those with regular pockets and for those who either talk rarely or only only via bluetooth.

    (The Note 2 will hopefully nuke the capacitive h/w buttons for ICS, reduce the bezel, increase the screen-size just a tad more to 5.4X”, and it’ll still be about the same size.)

    1.  Note 2 ? That will be fantastic ! Where did you find about it?

      1. I don’t think he really found out about it, it’s pretty much a given.  Samsung had so much success with the Note in Europe and Asia that it went over their estimates for how good of a seller it would be.  So, it would be a good guess that they will bring out an update later this year.

      2. It’s pretty much a given. Also, there was FCC evidence a while back (on phandroid too I think)

  4. This shit will break for people who wear skinny jeans.

    1. Watch your language…

      1. Yea, no one should use the term “skinny jeans”.  That shit is just wrong.

    2. i actually used one.. in my dream.. it fits perfectly in my hand, i’d totally buy it.

  5. at&t so its a lost cause

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