Dec 30th, 2011

Casio is planning to launch new G-SHOCK watches that aims to challenge the smart watch market that is apparently starting to boom. The new G-SHOCK (model GB-6900) uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with other compatible Bluetooth 4.0 devices using Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit data without having to worry about battery life on both ends.

The watch is a bit more simple in that regard than, say, the MOTOACTV or the Sony Ericsson Live View but it’s still pretty cool. You’ll be notified of incoming calls, texts and emails on the watch (it wasn’t clear if you’d be able to read those texts and emails) and it will also synchronize the time between itself and the phone.

Pretty neat stuff, though as it always tends to be the case with G-SHOCK watches this one will probably be a relatively expensive model.  For now it will only be compatible with NEC’s Medias LTE N-04D (Android) as well as the waterproof Medias PP N-01D. We hope it’ll make its way out of Japan before too long. [via TechCrunch]