GTA 3 Dual-Analog Gameplay Enabled With DroidMote – Accelerometer Support Also Featured [Video]


In a previous post we featured an app called Tablet Remote that allows for a user to control one Android device from another using Bluetooth. While that was all good and dandy for playing media, it wasn’t exactly ideal for Android gaming. So what happens when you want to play a little GTA3 on your big screen but want to do it from your couch and not tethered 2 feet away? DroidMote is here to save the day. Using this application, DroidMote will give you the ability to connect 2 Android devices together (like a smartphone and a tablet) over WiFi and transform your smartphone into a full fledged gaming controller.

A video was just uploaded today showing off DroidMote working on Grand Theft Auto 3, where the smartphone acts as the controller, even enabling dual-analog sticks to control the actions of the game running on the tablet. Pretty impressive to say the least.

Here are the key mappings to enable dual-analogs:

droidmote.kl axis configuration:

axis 0x00 X
axis 0x01 Y
axis 0x02 Z
axis 0x03 LTRIGGER
axis 0x04 RTRIGGER
axis 0x05 split 0x00 RTRIGGER LTRIGGER
axis 0x10 HAT_X
axis 0x11 HAT_Y

One of the shortcomings with DroidMote is that it does require that the device being controlled to have root permissions (tablet in this scenario) but the device acting as the controller, however, can be fully stock. If this fits your situation, you may want to give DroidMote a shot. You can find both the server and the client in the Android Market via the links below.

[DroidMote Server | DroidMote Client]

Via DroidGamers

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  1. I just use my ps3 controller using the cable that came with ps3 and press the ps logo and it works

    1. and you get that to work on your tablet how?

    2. Ok… The only tablet I can think of is the Asus Transformer with it’s tablet that has a keyboard dock with USB ports. I will have to try that. I sure hope it works.

      Although I already bought SixAxis, so I don’t really see why I should. LoL!!

  2. Flippin sick

  3. yup I use my PS3 controller for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 too. Its awesome.
    Nothing beats physical buttons. Nothing

    1. But do you have analog, or does the analog read as digital inputs. I haven’t used SixAxis in a while. Maybe there’s an update. LoL!!

  4. For some reason, I can’t seem to get my Gamestop controller to work with GTA3 on my Transformer Prime. It works with others games but not this one. =/

  5. All you need is a tablet that has a usb port and connect your original ps3 controller good luck

  6. Acer iconia tab a500 has a USB port and that’s the tablet I use to play GTA 3 on

  7. Toshiba Thrive works wonderfully with my PS3 Controller, playing Mario 64 on n64oid app–with adfree running in the background so i don’t get any annoying ads running on the screen.

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