OTA Update Coming Soon To Samsung Galaxy Tab On Verizon – Adds New Functionality And TouchWiz UX


You’ll either welcome this with open arms or shake your fist in the air but Verizon is getting ready to push out a new OTA update to Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices on their network. Software version I905-ELo1 brings with a bunch of new features most notably — Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface.

Other than subtle UI changes TouchWiz also adds new functionality like Bluetooth 3.0 compatibility, DivX support, security pathes, Social Hub widget and a new apps like The Daily, My Files (file explorer) and Photo Editor. Still no word on exactly when the update will be rolling out but feel free to manually check on your Tab 10.1 by jumping into your Settings > About Tablet > System Updates. Anyone out there terribly disappointed that their Honeycomb tablet will no longer be completely “stock?”

[Verizon | AndroidPolice]

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  1. From everything I read about touchwiz is everybody hates it.. Touch wiz runs like crap, why are they still using it.

    1. they want to differentiate themselves. so people will be like, “hey thats a samsung phone” like how the iphone is instantly recognizable. on the other hand when people see touchwiz they say, “it looks like ios”

      1. You must meet interesting peiple. I’ve never heard someone say “that looks like ios. ”

        1. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!! let me rephrase that. most people would say, “that looks like an iphone” ARE YOU HAPPY??!?!!?!?! lololol

    2. Touchwiz UX>>>>>Stock Honeycomb

      Sorry, But It’s Truly An Amazing Experience

      1. Disagree.

        1. Idk For Me Honeycomb Is Just Ugly… And The TW Dock Bar Is Awesome

    3. Touchwiz was terrible TO START WITH on the Galaxy S 1 (ran superbly after 2.2.1 update) and is great on an updated Galaxy S 1, Galaxy S 2 and I believe it improves the Honeycomb experience.

      However, Touchwiz looks (visually) like it will make phone Ice Cream Sandwich worse (Haven’t seen how ICS on Tablets will look or how Touchwiz will be implemented on ICS tablets as opposed to Honeycomb tablets).

      1. Agreed.

        Touchwiz 3.0 was a dog.  Touchwiz 4.0 is well, really damn nice.

    4. “From everything I read”

      I think I see your problem…  Instead of going by what “everyone” says, perhaps some actual experience on the subject might be a good idear,

      1. because there is a 500 dollar barrier to entry to testing out some software that he has only heard bad things about? 

        1. Do tell me: What possible motivation is there for complaining publicly about something you have never used nor ever intend to use?

          He has no personal experience with the product. He is repeating only what he has heard others say (who may also have never actually used the product)…to what end?

          To expose his own personal ignorance regarding the subject?

          I doubt that very much….Think about it. The OP’s post *screams* hater.

          1. or maybe to ask a question and seek an informed opinion without dropping 500 bones on it

          2. Quote: “Touch wiz runs like crap, why are they still using it. ”

            He is not seeking an informed opinion. It is a rhetorical question along the lines of “Why would anyone use this crap?”.

            It didn’t cost “500 bones” to figure that out, either.

          3. From everything I read about touchwiz is everybody hates it.. Touch wiz runs like crap, why are they still using it.”
            good selective editing you should work in the news. this is just mincing words now. 
            they pop touchwiz on devices to differentiate the device from the slew of other android devices so they dont fall into the same position dell and HP are in where they just sell windows pcs. 

          4. *laughing* You are entirely too optimistic. I don’t see any possible way that comment, even in it’s entirety, could be taken any other way:

            He read everyone hates it. It runs like crap..why would anyone use such crap?

  2. Only those who complain about TouchWiz User interface are either Galaxy S users or those eho don’t own a Galaxy S line after the original one. TouchWiz is awesome. Just the haters who haven’t actually used it in their daily lives. Pathetic comments/replies in 3 2 1

    1. Ya, whatever, TouchWiz sucks, get over it.

      1. You suck, and you’ll never get over that.  :)

  3. Glad I didn’t buy one. I’d be quite disappointed to find out my new device was getting bloatware added instead of ICS. Now i’m sure when ICS finally comes it will have the bloat included… /sigh

    1. Wait…

      So you didn’t buy one…but you’re here complaining about how bad the update is (for a device you do not own and therefore will never receive) anyway.

      Obviously, some folks like it. Not sure why you have a such a problem with that…

  4. As an owner of a 10.1 wifi, I have grown to dislike TouchWiz.  

  5. My qualms is with how ugly this new interface is and how it lags everything up. It doesn’t run as smooth as it used to and the gray bar really looks like an OS from the early 90’s. Big disappointment.

  6. Not to mention all those bloated Samsung apps like the Social Hub, which nobody uses and you can’t uninstall them.

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