Samsung Galaxy S III Shows Up In “Leaked” Concept Images


Okay, so this is not the Galaxy S III. I don’t care what you’re hearing from around the internet. But it looks awfully pretty, doesn’t it? These concept images came from a Russian website called Concept-Phones which shows off just that — user generated concepts. And the user did a fairly good job at that. I wont even go into the supposed specs of the device seeing how they’re more of a wish-list than anything. Just expect a lot of “HD-this” and “quad-that” to make an obligatory appearance somewhere in there. One more time, there isn’t anything official about this pic at all.

I feel like we barely got the Galaxy S II in our hands and now we’ve all got the Galaxy S III fever? That was fast.

[ConceptPhones via PocketDroid]

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  1. It’s never going to see a real update. Avoid at all cost. 

    1. but… but… It is so beautiful! 

    2. Samsung has a very good update history compared to others, unless you re a poor US citizen.

      1. or root your phone :P

      2. So good that it took several delays to get Froyo on the original Galaxy S line. I’ll admit they did a lot better job with Gingerbread and they’ve done pretty good with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but they dropped the ball again with ICS and the original Galaxy S line. When HTC had issues fitting Gingerbread on what I believe was the Desire, they trimmed the fat and cut Sense from the update and offered it stock. Why couldn’t Samsung offer up stock ICS for those that want it and leave people attached to TouchWiz on gingerbread? Also, the argument that performance is bad is pure BS. The Nexus S seems to run ICS (stock) just fine, and it shares a lot of hardware DNA with the original Galaxy S line.

        1.  Desire received stock Gingerbread? Then I must have Desire from another planet.

  2. Is the clock widget real? I like that.

    1. +1 does that exist yet? cause it should

        1.  yeah i need that clock what a great idea

    2. I love the 24-hour forecast around the clock’s face.  Anything like that already exists?

  3. Times don’t match its says 4 in the top right but the big clock says like 10 something

    1. This is an edited photo… so…!

  4. meh… 

  5. “I feel like we barely got the Galaxy S II in our hands and now we’ve all got the Galaxy S III fever? That was fast.” <—-We just got the AMERICAN version. The European model is just about due. The European model was already 8 months old before we got it Stateside.

    1. And it stands to reason that with the level of cooperation of the US carriers, it will be another 8 month delay until we get the Galaxy SIII after it’s announced. Gotta love those carriers! Making sure they shove all the bloat down our throats they think we need!

  6. Looks like an Apple lawsuit to me.

    1. dont think they can sue them for this.

      1. Of course they can, they’re Apple.

        1. But why would Apple sue Samsung for this.. because this photo hasn’t been officially released by Samsung.

  7. Thin Bezel FTW!! I hate the way most phones waste so much space above and below the screen especially

  8. No thats the iphone 5 renders… but apple would never go with a larger screen since everyone wants a 3.5 screen /s

    1. everyone?dont think so….ikool-aid drinkers aka I diots….eventually i think apple are going to lead you to camp..and you guys all will really enjoy the kool-aid.

      1. Well clearly you cannot read. /s means sarcasm which my post was. You are the Idiot. Smh

    2. I don’t agree with that, sure a 3.5 inch screen is apt for overall usage but I would prefer a 4.2-incher Xperia Arc for watching movies and videos over 3.5-incher iPhone.

  9. Body looks pretty good, UI looks completely horrible.

  10. Looks nice~~~~. I Want It…

  11. Why the misleading article title?

    1. page hits

    2. “Leaked.” As in — not really leaked. But everyone else was saying it was.

      1. Yea…misleading title is misleading! You guys just do it for the hits and personally for the lawls

        1. Always for the lawls xD

        2.  What’s misleading about it again?

          1. It’s not the SGS3, it hasn’t show up, these aren’t leaked and they’re not concept images. Quote marks around one word does not confer all this.

          2.  For me it does. You should read books more.

    3. This look like a nice device.

    4. What misleading article title?

      1. People don’t know how to read.

      2. It doesn’t say that these aren’t real (and therefore aren’t newsworthy). I took the “leaked” quotes to mean it was deliberately leaked by Samsung to drum up publicity, rather than that they were fake. The headline should have been ‘”Samsung Galaxy S III” “shows up” in “leaked” “concept” images”‘, since virtually every word is BS. Given how ridiculous that is, this really shouldn’t be a story at all.

  12. Now that is a great phone design. I think Samsung should employ the guy who designed this. I’m really liking how the screen is pretty much as big as the phone dimensions allow (i.e. very skinny bezel)…this is assuming the blue buttons at the bottom are soft buttons. It’s beautiful as far as concept art goes but there’s possibly hundreds of reasons why this may not be possible technically. Hopefully we’ll get to find out when the SGS2 is announced officially.

    1. I think samsung should employ someone who can actually make touchwiz work as advertised.  Better still would be to emply someone who will remove it.

  13. Nice to see the bezel slowly disappearing. This is going to be nice since all the phones are going to larger screens … smaller bezel = smaller footprint, in my pocket.

    1. It’s not real. O_o 

      And I don’t think we’ll ever see completely bezeless phones although I do agree, I like to see ’em small. =p

      1. That’s what she said… Oh, wait… o_0

    2. Still need enough bezel for structural integrity and to avoid fatfingers from multi-touching the screen on the edge while you’re holding it in your hand.

      2mm minimum, imo.

  14. That shits ugly! As a matter of fact it looks like the iPhone 4s mock up! Virtually no top and side bezel. No one would make a phone like that its not practical!

  15. badddd title, if this is pure concept why would you lead us to believe it was real with the word LEAKED? come onnnnnnn

    i have the GSIII fever because my contract isn’t up till june and i want the latest phone, i dont want to buy the GSII when its 6 months old

    1. It’s a supposedly “leaked” CONCEPT. Hence the quotes =)

  16. Notice how the phone has 5 icons opposed to 4. I thought only the Galaxy Note could have 5 because of it’s large size? Is this another phone/tablet hybrid? And it also says S Memo down there. Again, possible Note reference? Because the Note is the only one with the S Pen right now. I understand this is just a concept, but some things just don’t match up…

  17. Good god, I was just looking for the GS2 for Xmas for the misses. SOB! Im still on the OG Galaxy!

  18. That screen is pimp LOL.

  19. HD-this and Quad-that, but no 3D-gimmicks?

    If it’s only a concept image, why not throw in dual front-facing-cameras for sexytime chat in 3D? :) That’s in addition to the TWO higher-res cameras on the back for higher-res gimmicky 3D.

    1. Samsung should hire you! :D

  20. Me want one now! With ics and exynos chip

  21. I don’t lyk the idea of all that screen. How would I hold the phone? I mean, I rest my 2 thumbs on the side bezel of the phone and move from there, on my Epic 4G Touch. With all that screen, I’ll be pressing something, so I’ll have to hover my fingers. Uh? No… I don’t think so. And if it wasn’t for Thumb Keyboard, I wouldn’t even dream of texting in landscape. And YES I have to text in landscape since errtime I text in portrait, I ALWAYS hit “B” or “V” instead of space, and no amount of auto-correct can fix that. -_-

  22. hmmm looks similiar to the iphone 5 concept design……lawsuit anyone?

  23. …its going on 4months since i have had my EPIC TOUCH and it still feels like i have a new phone.Cant wait for the S3!!!!

  24. You know what’s great, I used to get all lusty after reading something like this but my galaxy nexus has made me lose such things. This phone is everything I expected and more and was definitely worth the upgrade and contract.

  25. 9 Home screens there is…Yoda says excess will lead you into the Darkside.

  26. Won’t be getting another Samsung until they fix signal issues.  Great ‘computer’ but poor with voice/data compared to HTC.  Will probably switch back to HTC unless they improve the radio.

  27. This seriously has to be the ugliest concept image released since the iPhone 5 concepts.

  28. The real phone better not have a 5 inch screen 4.65 is already too big, I think 4.3 is good on the S2 but I got used the 4.65. Anymore and its just ridiculous. Note is too big for a phone, it should be a niche market, not the norm. I hope they stick to 4.65 but go from bezel to bezel.

    I can definitely see it being possible to have a phone the same size as the S2, but with a 4.65 inch screen. removing the home and 2 capacitive buttons, and extending the screen to the left and right bezel and stretching it vertically should be possible since ICS no longer needs buttons. It would be interested if samsung kept the phyiscal home button as their Galaxy S phones are known to have that.

    galaxy s ii size + a15 dual or a9 quad + 4.65 AMOLED HD PLUS = perfect phone (once I get rid of touch wiz of course)

  29. Love that clock, is there a clock like that out yet?

  30. ithink, most people are for a screen bigger then 4.3 in the Android world…and beyound. And, so isay to the people talking bad about such phones …to be frank, your thoughts about it do not matter really at all. Everywhere, you look, more and more people are loving the big screens over the tiny screen phones…thats a, fact that wont, change.


  32. I just wish Tmo and Sammy hadn’t put the Qualcrap processor in the Tmo Galaxy S II

  33. Galaxy S3 is going to be a bigger screen with a better processor and camera. 
    What else can they change?
    I would prefer if the S3 came with better camera and processor with pretty much the same screen size. I feel 4.3″ is the limit; anything bigger is really too big.

  34. Unless Russians do things different…where it shows JUN (June) on the clock calendar widget…it should be July…so to answer everyone’s question on if it exist already…I’d say no

  35. Looks good but needs an aluminium body and gorilla glass!

  36. What a waste of my time.  “Heres the SIII concept, actually its all fake”.  What was the point of this “news”?

    1.  To point out it is fake, duh!

  37. I can’t get excited for a phone that chooses to use it’s own internal storage and bootloader.

  38. Wow, you guys sure do like some ugly things. 

  39. 1080p screen anyone?

    1. no at that size your eye cant tell the difference from 720 to 1080p it’d be a waste.

  40. I think any screen size greater than 4.3″ is too big. My thumb doesn’t reach the top of the screen screen so I have to bend the phone towards me whenever I need to pull down the notification shade, or press an on screen button on an app that has its buttons on the top. They should really just put everything at the bottom where it’s easier four your thumb to reach. 4″ is ideal in my opinion.

  41. I meant 720p lol 1080p is impossible for a 4:65inch screen! Yet!

  42. Yawn; who cares.  It’s a shamesung.  Even if it had a supercomputer under the hood, touchwiz would still screw it up making it a laggy, buggy unusable mess.

    No Thanks.

  43. Smexy!!!

  44. I’m still waiting on 4.3″ Samsung hd screen. The skyrocket screen has better viewing angles than the hd LG nitro.

  45. I don’t think Galaxy SIII would have edge-to-edge display like the one in this concepts and ICS has three capacitive buttons, not five!

    1. This supposed to be the ICS version of the Samsung’s Touchwiz.

  46. Why does everyone always want a metal phone? All you hear about is problems with reception and what not. Everybody always thinks they’re cheapy if they aren’t made of metal. And 1080p would be worthless on a screen that small, you wouldn’t know the difference. That’s why even on 32 inch tv’s and smaller, most are 720, only people who don’t know what they’re doing spend the extra money on 1080p tv’s that small even.

  47. looks really good! if it’s real, this is my next mobile phone!

  48. In 6 months time there could be 100 million ics handsets, if it’s as successful as gingerbread, yes quads are comming. But most are still going to want cheap duals like kindle fire, I see ever more robust vanilla ics on sammy gs, rc2 4.0.3 so far. Kindle fire ics is up to beta now, a 3D screen would help future proof a gs III. Most buyers will keep thier handsets for 2 years, so with 2D to 3D translation already on devices, they might seem has beens in 24 months.

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