Dec 23rd, 2011

We told you guys about Republic Wireless, a new service provider that promised unlimited calling, text and data for only $20. It sounded crazy and most people were expecting some kind of catch. Turns out — there kind of was. Service was largely based on using a WiFi connection (VoIP) and in the fine print, the company made customers watch their data usage closely, going as far as threatening cancellation, if a customer exceeded a “normal amount” while not connected to WiFi.

Well, that was a month ago and it whether they’re getting into the Christmas spirit or what — seems Republic Wireless is having a change of heart. The company isn’t just revising their “fair use policy” but completely doing away with it by eliminating those thresholds that bound potential customers, with no risks of losing service. Republic Wireless said in a blog post:

“We realize we got it wrong and look forward to improving as we work together to realize common republic wireless goals.”

If you already purchased a phone during the company’s beta trials, you are also automatically eligible for their new terms. Now that $20 a month phone bill is starting to sound really sweet. Anyone currently a Republic Wireless customer or looking to make the switch?

[Republic Wireless via Electronista]