Yes, Verizon’s Data Network is Experiencing (Nationwide?) Outages Again; New Radios for Galaxy Nexus Leak in the Meantime


If you woke up to your phone this morning hoping to turn WiFi off and leave the house with some sort of data connection and you’ve found that you don’t that, don’t panic.

Verizon’s network appears to be experiencing another round of outages and this time it seems to be affecting users on a national scale with reports from many different coasts and corners of the nation pouring in. And this time it seems that data period is down, not just 4G LTE. I shut my WiFi down this morning just to test and I, too, can’t seem to grab a data network to cling onto.

One user on Verizon’s support forums has claimed to have heard from a Verizon rep that the outage affects all 4G phones, though we can’t be too sure if this is truly the case. If any of you have some 3G-only phones please let us know if you have a data connection of any sort.We’re in contact with Verizon to see what they’re officially saying on this.

Oh, and as for you brand new Galaxy Nexus users? Well, the radios from the latest update that are supposed to help data signal strength have leaked, but I guess now’s not a good time to test those. Once the network is back up and rolling be sure to set your sights on XDA for those goods. [Outage: Verizon via AndroidForums.com; Galaxy Nexus Radios: XDA via AndroidForums.com]

[Update]: It appears we have a few different things going on. 3G-only device users seem to be unaffected. Some 4G device users are reporting having 3G but no 4G, while other 4G device users (including me) are seeing no data at all.

We’re not sure if the extent of these problems depend on which region you’re in or if it comes down to which phone you have – or both – but we at least know that 4G device users are primarily affected. Be sure to call customer service and alert them of the outage – the more reports they get the faster they’ll move, folks.

[Update 2]: I and many others who were initially without both 3G are beginning to see 3G data but 4G connectivity still seems to be out.

[Update 3]: And down goes 3G again. Can you say “rollercoaster?”

[Update 4]: Many are reporting that their 4G connectivity is back to normal. (I am seeing the same on my end.) That was excruciating, wasn’t it? Fingers crossed that we’re in the clear from here on out

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  1. my droid 3 without 4g service is working fine with data right now in north jersey

  2. no 3g or 4g in suburbs of Philly.

    1. Same, neither outside Philly

    2. 3G is back up. Still no sign of that 4th G in the Philly area….

      EDIT: and down goes Frazier… Or rather 3G. Back to WiFi I go.

      1. 3G is working on my Galaxy Nexus, but only if I set it to CDMA only. If I set it to LTE/CDMA then I get no data.

  3. I’m getting 3G data just fine, in Waco, TX.

  4. Hmmm so it does seem to be affecting 4G phones primarily. 4G phones can’t even get 3G connectivity, certainly the most weird outage yet.

    1. same type of outage that happened last week where the 4g phones couldnt switch over to 3g….

  5. This is getting ridiculous. Two outages in as many weeks.

    Nothing in Orlando. No 4G, no 3G

    1. Woke up this morning in Des Moines, IA. My 4g lg revolution. with 1x only. Just got 3g back. Wife’s blackberry works fine. 4g mifi says ita in 3g but isn’t working. Ever notice the outages seem related to phone launch datea. First one was just before the Charge launch, second was around the supposed original galaxy nexus/droid 4 launch, and this one before droid 4’s supposed new launch date. If this delays the droid 4, my wife going to be mad.

      1. Sorry for the typos. miss hard keyboard. revolition keyboard sucks.

  6. 3G is fine in Atlanta on my Galaxy Nexus.  4G is Down.

    1. I’ve got my 4g and I’m just in Chattanooga….  ????

  7. My wifes 3G phone working fine, My 4G Razr is phone and text only Washington DC

  8. Galaxy Nexus failing to connect to 4G, connects to 3G in NYC

  9. had service last night but now this morning no 3G or 4G on my  Galaxy Nexus in Baltimore

  10. My 3G Incredible is working fine in Tampa, FL.

  11. In Northern VA on Droid X. Connected to 3G just fine.

    1. I’m in Northern VA, and my Nexus can only connect to 3G at the moment.

  12. I wasn’t getting anything (no 3g or 4g) when I woke up this morning. Just got 3g signal back around 7:30 EST here in Tampa, FL. Still no 4g…

    1. ditto

  13. 3G works in central Jersey, 4G is a negative though.

  14. No 4G in San Antonio, TX

  15. no data in Indy, sad

  16. I just finally started getting 3G on my Bionic here in Norfolk area of Virginia (only if I have CDMA only selected, though).  4G is still out.

  17. Yeah I just got the nexus no internet but my gf has the Droid x and she has 3g net

  18. I flashed the new radios prior to the outage and didn’t see any change in signal, but maybe they were having problems with the network at that time. Hopefully there is a fix on the way. The Nexus radio is terrible!

    1. New radio last night…not affected so far by this outage.  Radio seems to be at least the same in that I am not experiencing drop calls or data-hangs.  I ran a few speedtests, and they were better, but that could be purely congestion-related.

  19. I thought this was the “nation’s fastest, MOST RELIABLE network”?

    1. it is when this crap isn’t going on

    2. maybe the flood of RAZRs and Nexi on the market was too much for the network. good news – go android! bad news – we’re screwed.

    3. I’d take any dropped calls over AT&T vs. VZW’s consistent data outages….especially in today’s world where more people use data than make phone calls.

  20. I was out this morning – back now (3G).

    1. and it’s off again, at least for me.

  21. No data for my razr in Erie pa but my coworker og droid has 3g

  22. 3G/4G doesn’t work when I set it on LTE/CDMA but if I put it on CDMA only 3G works on Galaxy Nexus… Northern NJ here

  23. dupe

  24. No data Orange County, NY (appx 60 mi north of NYC). Seems to be only affecting LTE devices. We have 3G aircards and they seem okay.

  25. No 3g or 4g in the Phoenix area.

  26. Getting 3g only on my razr in Portland or.

  27. Both 3G and 4G out in Rochester, MN this morning, but 3G just popped in while typing this. Still no 4G

    1. That sucks.  Working just north of ya. 

      …wonder what the heck is causing this?

      1. My guess is they’re having problems with their 700mhz spectrum……

  28.  3G working in Thumb of MI… but LTE was not for a few hours this morning… restarting the phone got both working…  Note this also was necessary on my 4G internet provider that also uses LTE…. Not so sure this was just Verizon LTE…

  29. Only 1x here on my Thunderbolt in Richmond, VA.  Co-workers iDevices have 3G though.

  30. Posting this using 3G.

  31. Galaxy Nexus… No 3G in Iowa! :(

  32. no problems on my droid x in lower alabama

  33. 3G only in Columbus, Ohio

  34. at time of posting I can get 3G on my Galaxy Nexus when I have it switched to CDMA, when I tried LTE there was no connection at all – Fairfax VA

  35. My GNex and boyfriend’s Charge have no 3g or 4g but the coworkers iPhone has its 3g coverage. (Cleveland, OH, reporting in!)

    1. Im in between Warren and Youngstown Ohio which is only about 40 minutes from you and we have service 3g/LTE.

  36. San Antonio, TX coming in and out of 3G (killing my battery) was on 1x most of the morning.  No 4G in sight, as of yet.

  37. No data on my Galaxy Nexus in metro Detroit.  My fiancee has a Droid X and has 3G.  As I post this, 3G appears to have come back!

    I was using wifi to browse the Android Market and all of a sudden my phone dialed a number (I think it was *22853, but it doesn’t show up in the call log) and it said it was programming the phone.  It ended but I still didn’t get a data connection back after turning off wifi.  Switching to CDMA only seems to have allowed a 3G connection, but when I turned on LTE / CDMA I lose all data connection.


      The Sim-card auto-activates when the network is available.  There have been reports on XDA and elsewhere that *228 will do nothing but score you a trip to your local VZW for a new SIM card.

      1. Thanks.  I did actually read that somewhere a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t do anything, the phone did it itself when I was browsing the Android Market using Wifi.  

        1. Bizarre.  Never seen a phone do that on it’s own…much less one that should not be doing it. 

          Hopefully you get your 4G back soon.  :)

          1. It is very strange.  I haven’t either.  I was wondering if anyone else noticed it happening or if it was unique to me.  I hope that I don’t have to get a new sim as a result, what a hassle.

    2. i had a similar experiece with my nexus calling “*22899”

      1. Okay.  Mine probably called that number too, I saw the *228 but couldn’t remember the last two digits.  Glad I’m not the only one that had this happen.

  38. No 4g no 3g Galaxy Nexus Milwaukee Wi

  39. I have been having minor 3G problems in Omaha, Ne. Don’t know if this is related.

  40. No problems for me in Illinois.

  41. No data connection for 4g devices in Green Bay, WI. I have a Droid Charge and I do not get 3g or 4g. Though standing next to someone with an old 3g device and theirs works fine. Called Verizon and got a recorded message that people with 4g devices in my area are having issues and they are working on it, and that I should ONLY stay on the line if I have other issues that are unrelated. 

  42. 3G is back up in the Indianapolis area but still no 4G

  43. Wow for once Ohio seems to have data during an outage LOL. Evertime there was an outage my girlfriend LG Revolution worked just fine but my Rezound and Thunderbolt would be dataless.

  44. no data since 6:30am in NYC…boooo

  45. Playing Pandora over 4G here in Minnesota.

  46. Blazing Fast 4G in Boston!

  47. I got nothin here in Chicago.  3G/4G completely out – Galaxy Nexus.

  48. I just finally started getting 3G on my Bionic here in Norfolk area of Virginia (only if I have CDMA only selected, though).  4G is still out.

  49. Intermittent 3G on bionic, but it’s very intermittent. No 4g. Salt Lake City

    ETA: 4g back up for me … 7:10 MST

  50. works fine in tulsa,ok

  51. Has anyone experienced their Nexus magically dialing *2233 on its own over and over during this outage? It was very creepy and I had no idea what was going on. Been without any service until 8am where 3G seems to be working but 4G still is out.

    1. I had this happen to me yesterday.

    2. Yeah, mine starting doing *2289…I immediately shut down the phone and restarted it. 

    3. The weird thing is the signal varies phone to phone. Co-workers phone is pictured left, mine is on the right. 

  52. No 4G in Hackensack NJ, 3G was bouncing for an hour or two but seems to have stabilized in the last 30 minutes.

  53. Screaming fast 4G now on again in Central Ohio

  54. I have NO data at all here in Las Vegas. Won’t connect to 3G or 4G… 

  55. REPOST – 3G JUST came in for me in Chicago on my Galaxy Nexus.  I’ve had my phone in CDMA only mode since about 5:30am CST.  Just got data services in 3G now.

  56. Fascinate working fine in Chicago.

  57. GNex. Tampa,Fl. No 4G at all. Just 3G.

  58. my 3G has been perfect on my iPhone 4s all day so far.

  59. 3G has been working all morning in Chicago on my Incredible. No outages for me and I’ve been using 3G for the past 2 hours or so.

  60. In tinton falls NJ at first I thought my 3g data was down as well once I turned my wifi off. Magically my 3g popped on. Unfortunately, there’s no 4g lte here yet.

  61. i have the galaxy nexus in nyc and i only have 3g. no 4gt since last night

  62. not a good look Verizon not a good look at all….

  63. I live in Worcester ma and I just got my 4g back at 9:24

  64. Galaxy nexus

  65. 4G working fine in Knoxville, TN

  66. 9:25 am in Simpsonville, SC. No LTE visible on my Galaxy Nexus, but 3G is working fine.

  67. I am in San Diego and I have 4G, showing -83 dBm and 45 asu right now.

    edit… I have been having bad signal levels on my Gnex but this is the strongest signal I have seen since getting the phone.

  68. no 3g or 4g here in northern virginia.  my bosses blackberry (3g) has no data either. voice does work.

    1. Also in DC area, no 4g on my Charge.  3g was down until recently; works if I change to CDMA only.

  69. OG Droid Inc working just fine, but my other half’s Droid RAZR is in and out of both 3G and 4G.  St. Louis Missouri.

    1. Same here. Incredible was working and the Nexus was not. Pretty sad when I had to tether the Nexus to the Incredible to get data. Haha. All is good now.

  70. Getting 13 down and 8 up right now. Im usually higher to around 17 to 20 down on average..

  71. Hahahahahha Verizon is nations most reliable service.. Lol

  72. In Boston today on the GNex, had 4g earlier but looks like I’m on 3g now. That said ive been bouncing between the two quite a bit (common new radio update!) So its difficult to tell if 4g is out here or its jus doing its normal skitzo thing.

  73. I lost my data connection around 2-3am and just got my 3G to work this morning after turning off my phone and restarting it.  Don’t know about 4G yet ‘cuz I don’t get it at work unless I go outside somewhere. Plus it’s rainy and dreary outside… I’m sure that’s not helping the situation either.

    1. Btw, I’m in Central PA…

  74. 1X only on my Rezound here in San Diego all morning…

  75. i have 4g working on my gnex in nyc. lets hope it stays working

  76. Im in Youngstown Ohio and have great LTE at least for now I do.

  77. My rezound has been pulling data down all day on 4g no problem. Virginia.

  78. Just lost 3g no LTE at all but what’s 4g I own a bionic?!?!?

  79. I got nothin… Not even voice. Gnex / bakersfield ca

  80. 4g and 3g were out here on my nexus, but just came back up, should be getting back up everywhere soon(I’m in Chattanooga, TN.)

  81. 4g restored in madison, wisconsin. galaxy nexus

  82. Everything is hunky dory in upstate South Carolina.

  83. Nexus is out but Pantech Modem works just fine. WTF?!  grrrrr

  84. I can’t tell when there’s a data outtage. I live in West LA, where I can’t even get 3g reliably under the best circumstances. It’s wifi only in my house, baby.

  85. OK, just restarted for giggles, and I now have stable, always on 4G in San Antonio, TX.  Luckily I had my charger at work, my battery is almost gone from the 3G flipping on and off.

  86. Working again in SF Bay Area.

    Oddly, my data speed over 4G almost doubled after it came back. I normally get about 15Mbps because I live on the coast far away from the city, but now I’m consistently getting 25Mbps at home.

  87. On Galaxy Nexus, switching to Network Mode from from LTE/CDMA to just CDMA seemed to help me. We don’t get much 4G LTE in Vermont yet anyway.

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