Adobe AIR Updated with Ice Cream Sandwich Support


Adobe has updated their AIR platform for Ice Cream Sandwich support, just as promised. Other than minor maintenance updates or a big change in plans, the new build will be the last major release of AIR for Android. It joins Flash Player 11.1, which also recently received an update to provide Android 4.0 support, to round out a suite of software that will soon be phased out in favor of HTML5.

There are a few known issues with the release — it is expected Adobe will clean things up in the coming weeks via additional minor updates — but the software is otherwise ready to roll for Galaxy Nexus owners and those with an updated Nexus S or phone running a custom build of Android 4.0.

[via Adobe]

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  1. Can anyone tell me what this app is for, as opposed to Adobe Flash Player?

    1. it’s basically a wrapper for the adobe flash player vm and webkit.  it gives the flash player some extended rights (io, etc).  it allows you to run flash content and also html content natively instead of just in your mobile browser.

  2. First — Adobe AIR is NOT being phased out on Android, according to Adobe Inc. (I certainty hope not!)… You are thinking of ‘flash’ inside the browser to which they said they are stopping future support of.  

    AIR is a technology that bundles (WebKit + security sandbox + native app code calling support (in this version and beyond)) as a self-contained execution ‘thunk’.  
    Hop onto Adobes developer site for a better explanation on this than I could ever give you if interested.

    Note: I do not work for Adobe in any way but like what the Adobe folks are doing in this space very much & hope it continues. as more development choices are always a good thing, from my perspective…  //GH

    1. PLUS Freaking TWO!  Adobe has shifted its Mobile-Player focus completely toward AIR.  It’s not being phased out.

  3. whats the difference between adobe flash and this

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