Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T Said to be On Its Way With LTE, Without Exynos


Rumor has it that AT&T’s gearing up to offer the Samsung Galaxy Note early next year and, as you might expect, 4G LTE will be in tow. One thing we didn’t imagine, however, is the lack of Samsung’s dual-core Exynos processor. 1Instead there’ll apparently be a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor inside. Apparently Exynos might not support LTE radios yet. It’s not unlike the reason why T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II didn’t get Exynos – it didn’t support HSPA+ 42. In any case, a CES announcement is expected so be sure to check back in about  a month’s time. [PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

AT&T’s Galaxy S II Gets Maintenance Upgrade to Android 2.3.6

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  1. It’s more correct to say it’s not unlike the ATT SGS 2 and ATT SGS 2 Skyrocket. You guys do this for a living? =/

    1. actually the tmobile version is the one with qualcomms chip set, the skyrocket also uses qualcomms soc, so it would be fine to compare it to either of those two. But the SGS 2 on at&t does indeed use samsungs exynos

      1. Skyrocket switched SoC to accomodate LTE…hello?

        1. OK? I didn’t say it didn’t.

  2. Wow, that sucks.

  3. Please make a T-Mobile version!

  4. Please make a T-Mobile version!

  5. Did I call this or what?

  6. Hope it lags less than the Exynos version then.

    1. The 1.4 GHz Exynos in the Note is the most powerful smartphone SoC on the market.

  7. looks like a square

    1. Picture is distorted,it doesn’t really look like that.

  8. Why does the US keep getting outdated devices?

    1. Why does Europe keep getting devices first?

      1. beta testers for america

      2. You know it’s usually backwards right?

    2. Yeah that’s frustrating.  Hopefully by the time we get the Note here it’ll be upgraded to SGS3 specs.  

  9. Yes, can’t wait for this beauty!  G-Note for the win!

  10. I’ve thought about this very hard and have decided to import the Galaxy Note from Europe for a couple of reasons. 

    1. No AT&T bloatware
    2. Exynos chipset once I heard LTE for the US I knew it was the Qualcomm chipset
    3. physical center button
    4. Works with AT&T GoPlans for 50 a month unlimited everything.

    The Negatives
    1. No NFC but I am hopeful the MicroSD cards will see the light of day.
    2. More money upfront.
    3. Buying sight unseen but not unheard.

    1. Actually go plans don’t have 3G, you need to use Straight Talk.

  11. When you say snapdragon, does that mean no duel core? I think I might cry… I guess I’ll just buy a used dell streak.

    1. …no?
      it mean 1.5GH s3
      thats dual core
      but nowhere near as fast as Exynos

  12. I have had both the At&t SGS2 and the Skyrocket, and the Skyrocket lost nothing with the Qualcomm chip instead of the Exynos. Both are super fast and smoothe. Give me the Qualcomm if it gets me LTE!!

  13. Better comparison might be the Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE, using the same SoC, but also using the same resolution as the Note, 1280×800, though one is Honeycomb and one is Gingerbread.

    Just picked up the Bell version of the 8.9 LTE.  It is replacing my Tab 10.1 WiFi, it is just so much zippier in almost every aspect.  Then again, Tegra 2 sucks, so it’s a low bar.

  14. Bring to Sprint with ICS plz.  Thx.  

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