Nokia Exec: Today’s Youth Are Confused By Android And Upset From Lack Of Security


We told you guys yesterday about Microsoft’s Android bashing campaign where they offered shiny new Windows Phone 7 devices to disgruntled Android users and now Nokia is once again, doing some bad mouthing of their own. According to Niels Munkgaard, Nokia’s Director of Portfolio, Product Marketing and Sales, today’s youth are actually confused by Android devices and upset by its lack of security. In an interview with Pocket-Lint, Munksgaard said,

“What we see is that youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones. Everyone has the iPhone. Also, many are not happy with the complexity of Android and the lack of security.”

Kids are just growing up so fast these days, always moving on to the next best thing… like WP7 (sarcasm). The biggest flaw I found in Munkgaard’s statement is that it’s “the kids” who are actually the power users and more inclined to root their devices, slap the latest ROM and generally hack and tinker around with the software on their devices. Unless, of course, we’re talking about 1st graders in which case I’m still pretty confident if given a choice — they’d still pick Android with its Market featuring thousands of free games, all ripe for the downloading.

Oh, Nokia. You amuse me.

[Via PCWorld]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Good laugh.. I needed that. You’re so cute Nokia…

  2. That was the dumbest thing a person so high up can say as a professional business man….LMAO! 

  3. Nokia is still trying to justify their partnership with microsoft to themselves. Maybe if they bash the competition long enough and hard enough they’ll start believing it themselves.

    1. Throw enough mud, something will stick…….. Even if its not true!

      1. They should fling boogers, those suckers stick to anything. 

  4. Considering my 4 year old can use my Xperia Play (and Incredible before that, without me guiding him), I’m highly suspect to that claim…

    1. exactly ! i have video of my 2 1/2 niece using an android phone i could show this guy  

  5. In related news, Nokia and Microsoft are confused by Android, suffer from lack of security

    1. Let’s be real… Android isn’t confusing to us because we’re on Phandroid.com.  Chances are if you’re here you’re anywhere between wannabe techy to full blown Dev.  That being said Android can be PRETTY damn confusing to the masses.  The most interesting dynamic is that confusion is not reflected in the O.S.’s success.  I’m an Android user to the core but if we’re being totally honest with ourselves Android is still going through a pretty intense identity crisis. Just sayin…

      1. My kids have used both iOS and Android, they all took to both like it was second nature, neither OS is “confusing” and between everyone in my family with Android phones, security never pops up (that’s roughly 15 people total)

        1. Seriously, I agree. The only people that I feel really have a hard time with Android are those coming over from iOS or Windows Phone. It was like when I was a kid learning the differences between Mac and Windows. It just takes a willing heart and a little bit of time. And that goes for any system. When I set up my Mom’s iPad for her, (tried to convince her to get the first Transformer) she was just as lost as when I first taught her how to email. 

      2. You have not yet messed with Ics…..game changer!

        1. I was first in the door to buy my GNEX opening morning.  It needs some serious work.  The patch coming in a few days should help address some of the more obvious things.  The things were actually SO obvious I’m not sure how they got left off to begin with.  Anyways…  I don’t think Android will ever have a fluid identity.  The open source model has created an environment where there’s Android versions literally as different from one another as Windows and Mac.  I understand open source is a huge factor for Androids success but it’s also a GIANT anchor in terms of identity and consistency.  I’m not here to knock it I’m just saying the marketing angle is legit.  Stupid way to go about it but their point is valid. 

          1. again, your confusion about how to use a product may be mirrored by Nokia’s attempt to slander Android, but millions of current (and millions of future) users will disagree.   If the product were too confusing, it wouldn’t be #1.   Just sayin…

      3. What exactly is confusing about android? My brother who jailbreaks his iPhone and says that it is easier to use, has more games, is smoother. The funny thing is though my brother didn’t know how to lock screen rotation on his iPhone (tap the iphone button and show up that recent used apps and then slide to the left) on android it’s logical. You go into settings > display settings > uncheck/check the “auto rotate screen” option.

        I cringe when people say that iOS is “easier to use”. How the hell is it easier to use? It’s more that the people that use it are more familiar with it than android so of course it’s easier to use. When I go from my sensation to a iphone 4s i’m stumbling through it and it takes me longer to do what I want. Why? Because i’m not use to iOS.

        Saying iOS is easier to use like it’s the truth annoys me because no one who has said that has been able to give some sort of fact to back it up with.

        1. Ummmm what?  How did this turn into an iPhone discussion?  

          1. Well you were implying pretty strongly that. “That being said Android can be PRETTY damn confusing to the masses.” Guess I did get a little carried away though. :) Just I don’t see how it’s more or less confusing then any other OS.

          2. i never said that (“That being said Android can be PRETTY damn confusing to the masses.” ).. android is very easy to use… just think iOS is more familiar since they all work the same, androids don’t all work the same, which is a good thing imo

          3. lol, look at my name i couldn’t be any anti iPhone.. you were talking about how you cringe when people say iOS is easier to use, I was simply stating why I think that is.. nothing more 

          4. Because Microsoft and Nokia don’t matter much to youths, old folks or the dead for that matter. It’s a 50/50 conversation for a few years to come. ;)

          5. who said it did.   You mentioned your confusion with using Android and of course comparisons will be made between its closest competitor, the iphone.   We’re just sayin…

        2. iOS isn’t easier, it’s familiar, every iDevice looks the same, that has it’s advantages to many and to us phandroids, we laugh. BUT, when a 80yo grabs a iPhone, they have already seen it before on their iPad, so it’s familiar, therefor ‘easier’

          At least that is my take on iOS v Android in the ‘easier’ dept.

          1. I don’t think so… This way of thinking doesn’t provide a start…. So my gma who got an Iphone before having an Ianything learned how to use it faster, and knows how to do more on it than she did on her Droid, learned how to use her iphone from the ipad/ipod shes never had…? The iphone IS easier to use, My whole family except me and my sister (and stepdad, but he has a feature phone) have an Iphone and love it, when they had a Droid, my mom would ask me how to do things on it everyday, and my gma would call me about once a week complaining about it. Since they got their Iphones, they’ve probably asked me how to do something once.. I recommend Iphones for people who don’t have time/want to learn/mess with their phone.

          2. Then I hate to jab, but they fall in the category of “slow people”… I never once had to ask anyone how to use my Android phone… I just don’t get it. I’m not saying iPhone is difficult, what im saying is none of them are difficult, unless your mind is mush.

          3. I had Win 6.5, Sammy TouchWiz (Memoir) and iPod 2G.

            When I got the Nexus 1, I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. I loved how there was an app drawer so all my apps weren’t thrown on the screen. I mean, why would I want to see the Mail app every time I turned on my iPod? No internet, no mail? Pointless…

            And it took Apple how long to come up with a folders idea? -_-

            The only thing different about Android is the UI. If you open the Mail app on Android, you do the same thing you did on the iTouch. Put your email and password and you have your mail. You just open the app when you want to check.

            There is nothing harder about that. I think the thing was the app drawer. Unlike most people, I actually read the Android Tips, and learned that I can add apps to the home screen. That made it more convenient instead of looking for the app. Most people probably forgot that they have to open the app drawer to find all their apps.

            If you want to teach someone Android, tell them to read that little Android Tip Widget. It literally tells you everything that you need to know. Once you open the app, you are no longer in Android’s hands.

      4. actually you know what was confusing? ipad 2 when I got it.  Androids gui works much more logically

      5. excuse me but please tell me what about Android is confusing? I was an iPhone user for 2 years until about a month or so ago when the GS2 came to AT&T. 

        yes there was a small learning curve which is expected since both OSs do things a bit differently sometimes.

        my experience was anything but confusing, if anything Im more and more amazed with Android everyday that I use it and wish I had made the switch sooner.

        if you wanna see full blown confusion. ask an iPhone user what happens when he or she syncs to a new computer. or when he or she wants to play an MP4, a format the iPhone supports yet you need to convert it first.or when he or she tries to send a file via bluetooth !!

      6. Android was the first smartphone os I ever used, took approximately… well, im not sure how fast I learned it. Pretty sure I pressed a button, it did what I wanted, and it was done. I don’t understand whats confusing about Android unless you’re a little on the slow side.

      7. just sayin what?  How can Android be confusing if it’s the #1 selling mobile OS in the world right now.   People wouldn’t buy it if it were, or they’d exchance it for iSheep.   If you’re just sayin.. at least know what you’re just sayin.. I’m just sayin…

    2. And in other news, today’s youth reply to Nokia: “No we’re not”. 

    3. Witty statement I like it!

    4. In related news, Windows Phone Mango SMS bug breaks messaging hub, hard reset is the only remedy. Youth are confused by WP7’s apparent lack of QA testing. Pot meets kettle???

  6. I thought it was funny that the other day on MSN had a story about how 3500 Android users wrote stories to Microsoft to complain about malware.

    1. Exactly, how many of us are there? 3500 is like 1/16 of 1% lol. These people just need to grow up and get on with life.

      1. Or stop downloading porn apps developed in china….

        1. But Japanese Squid Girls is so tempting… =/

    2. I actually wrote that up. Yesterday =p

      1. And like you said, half of them probably wrote the “story” to get a free $700 phone.

        1. T’was hard to resist myself… xD

    3. Yes, microsoft offered free smartphones (albeit wp7) for winners and they only got 3,500. How many you want to bet were just looking for a phone to ebay off?

    4. The only reason they wrote in, is cause MS asked them to. And i bet all 3,200 are made up anyway, just to get a free phone they can resell on craigslist. WP7 is destined to fail.

      1. no one happy with his phone would write this stuff. Only frustrated, afraid of Nokia idiots. Normal people go about their lives, using whatever phone they like. Android is doomed to give me head. All of it.

  7. Hilarious Nokia, anything to make you feel better and seem relevant in the mobile world. Im guessing that this was just to remind consumers your still alive, kind of, like one of those annoying villains in a movie that keep holding on and that JUST WONT DIE!

  8. I actually laughed out loud when I read that. I’m 30 and there are “kids” less than half my age who root their phones and put YouTube videos up showing others how to do it safely. I doubt anybody with at least an average IQ has any trouble with Android’s “complexities”. Mr. Munkgaard sounds like he’s the one having trouble getting to grips with modern phones, run by modern operating systems.

    1. Hi, I’m GazaIan, I’m 15, go look at me on XDA under the Glacier/myTouxh 4G section and see how right you are. I’ve got ROMs, mods, and know a fuckload about apk modding (including the tricky ass framework-res.apk)… Also, check out z3freak. He’s probably the smartest 15 year old Android Dev around.

  9. Then the kids just have to grow up.

    Stats and research data please.

  10. Guess the N9 is not selling like hot cakes then?

  11. The FUD that MS and Nokia are spreading is kind of unbelievable to me. sure Fanboys do this shit all the time but…

    MS? your better than that .. or well, you used to be, before you let apple run wild for a decade .. and now that Google is the new MS you are friggen pissed.

    Uncle Willy’s retirement was obviously pretty devastating since you have been on the absentee ballot for 10 plus years! but don’t get pissy at Google, someone needs to stop Apple’s 10 year run.. and Google is doing it and for that we thank you!

  12. Mr. Munkgaard, kids that are confused by Android won’t buy Nokia. Their parents will buy them one of those 3 button phones: one key to call mom, second to call dad, and the third to hang up.

  13.  Todays youth is confused that Microsoft, a name synonamous with bugs, spyware, maleware, virus’ etc has the balls to point fingers at an os that has an infected percentage of MAYBE .002%. Maybe.
    These same youths ask the question “whats the percentage of infected windows pcs?”

  14. Guess Im not supporting Nokia again, wtf is this… (although it’s been over 10 years since I used them lol)

  15. that guys retarded. how do these people become exec’s again? 

    1. by distinguishing between s and ‘s


      2. Oh no you di’int!

      3. they know android, not spelling.

  16. Well, the advice animal made my day.

  17. When Bill Gates was in charge they had a much better FUD engine.

    1. I was wondering the same thing, then I thought maybe people were just more ignorant to technology back then.

  18. I guess it isn’t confusing enough to slow the sales of android. Then again nokia and MS need to grab at anything they can since they are sliding down the cliff since their os isn’t doing too well.

  19. Almost as bad as when Elop said going with Android was like peeing in your pants in the winter to stay warm.  How’s the cold MS phone sales going for you?

  20. And now we know why Nokia is loosing market share to everyone else ;-)

  21. My 5 year old was just telling me yesterday that he was sick of his iPhone,couldn’t stand the security issues with android, and wanted a windows phone… Kids these days

  22. What Nokia should have said:

    “Really, it’s the old farts who find the Windows Phone UI to be so much simpler. Plus, since they’re all comfortable using Windows and IE, it just comforts them they can get the same thing on their phones. They don’t want to be bothered by having to install antivirus, avoid clicking malware links, or having to call their grandchildren daily for tech support. The Windows Phone UI with its tile design is just too simple to screw up, and that’s why the elderly find more comfort in our devices over iOS and Android. Sure, they’ll be the first ones to be dead and gone and then we’ll have to try to find new users, but we’re not going to talk about that.”

    1. I’m all seriousness, if you don’t find Metro simple to use (age irrelevant), there is probably something wrong with you.

      1. how did you get here, between all these idiots? Nothing wrong with them. Just plain stupid, full of shit, arrogant motherfuckers. I hope windowsphone will give them the best anal massage they’ll ever have. Ok, now I have to go and throw up.     

  23. Maybe Google should start a campaign too to give free androids for those wp users who experience sms bug.

  24. So Nokia is assuming that all youth are complete idiots… I would like to see their UNBIASED resources they used for this information. I really wish they would stop trying to be relevant… It is quite sad.

  25. I mean seriously… This exec has his head so far up his ass he can see sunshine.

  26. Nokia didn’t poll my 4yr old son. He seems to work my EVO3d just fine and manages to not be depressed. My 2 yr old daughter plays kid doodle on it also without tearing up from frustration. Complex my ass. I guess what they’re implying is if you’re not smart enough for Android, we have wp7 for you.

  27. If anything, this stupid move is going to hurt WP7’s sales, because this shows people how desperate Nokia and Microsoft are for more customers and the average person is smart enough to realize that Nokia’s CEO is a retarded dick.

  28. Ian Smith…you are the one who got the phone opening morning, therefore, you need to suck it up and deal with the bugs frankly. Because, everyone should know by now mannnn, you buy a phone when it first comes out, it could blow up on you…it could…bugg up on you in many ways (like yours)

  29. wow so much tomfoolery from these people. What we see is that the youth are confused by the concept of Nokia and Microsoft. I am 21 and I remember when Nokia had relevance back when I was in like 8th grade and kids had the Nokia N-Gage or one of their popular bar style phones..but kids younger than me probably do not even know they exist as a phone manufacturer. 

    And Microsoft..as much as it pains me to pump up apple, everybody has an iphone, because everybody wants one. And for those who don’t, we have android. Windows Phone and Nokia are irrelevant. 

  30. I owned many Nokia phones before and all of them are so complicated that I do not even know how to use. My grandparents switched from nokia to samsung s2 as they said nokia was too difficult to use.

  31. Munksgaard go back to Finland and play with your dinosaurs…Too little, too late is about as much as one could say for the once-great Nokia these days. Ciao Bene.

  32. There is some fear out there about Android security, and it’s all been caused by media hype. “There’s Android malware!!!!!” Of course, what the stories never say is that almost all of the malware is being found on alternate markets in Asia. Even Android blogs have contributed some by telling folks to make sure they know what permissions the apps they download are asking for. If the folks don’t know what the permissions MEAN, it doesn’t help the FUD factor. Take a look at the Market comments on something like Google Maps. They’ve specifically broken down the permissions now and folks are flipping out. One is “Phone Calls – Read phone state and identity” and another “Record Audio” People are putting these together and yelling “Malware! It’s recording your phone calls!” So, I guess they’d be happier if their navagation wasn’t interruped when they get a call, and they couldn’t do voice search, then.

  33. Yes, my teenage daughter loses sleep over phone security concerns… How out of touch is this fossil?

  34. I work in tech support for a Canadian telecom, on average can say it’s about even for the general population when it comes to confusion about their phone. Usually it is very old clients with android due to its cost, but if I had a dollar for every iphone user who enabled accessibility mode and didn’t know how to shut it off, why I would have a pretty bonus there. Either way, I get maybe 1 wp7 call per every 2000 calls, but that’s because no one has them.

    1. good to know why. Only it’s what you wish. WP with Nokia, that’s the problem for you, and it didn’t come there yet. Let’s here about it in 5-6 months.

      1. Dude, so much hating, are you a Windowman?

  35. Anoter dumb ass executive gets paid by M$ to say dumb stuff bout a Android. Just gets me sick to my stomach when M$or Nokia says something bad bout Android. Feel like loosong a bit of respect for Nokia if they keep talking like this.

  36. I beg to differ, I’m 17 now and have despised the iPhone since it’s initial release and don’t care for a windows phone, but an android is exactly the software I need and want to satisfy the tech geek in me. :) proud android owner, refuse an iPhone no matter what, and will continue to do so.

  37. wp7 is so eager to sell its product  …it can even lick android ass for that…bloody moron…wait for 6 months its gonna die like other windows ph.

    1.  WP eager to sell? That’s unacceptable! Good for you to reveal this dark secret. Iphone is going down, slowly but steady, and android will follow. And WP will have to keep selling more and more. What a pitty! And you all will have to commit suicide. So sad.

      1. oh …iam  soooo dead….ha ha wat a joke….win ph will take down both ios and android …ohhh…thats sad….i guess u work with win ph7 ….cuz u r the only people talking bout it .. i guess win ph 7 hired some to do sum anti android campaign..

  38. That’s funny, Im 19, and I’ve been Android Only for two years now. Guess Im an old man now?

  39. Usually, Executive Staff are so focused on lining their pockets and evading taxes, that they end up out of touch with their own employees, and their own consumers. 

    The Organization I work for, laid off 100 staff last year, but gave our CEO a $3,000,000 annual raise. FUCK CAPITALISM

  40. im 22 and i cant imagine myself using nokia again :P 
    its already with my grandfather .. 

  41. ok, fuck this stupid comunity. I made up my mind. I’ll get a Lumia 800.

    1. good luck…

  42. I’m always confused by this “android is too confusing/complex” statement, what can possibly be confusing about it? The greatest thing about android to me is that the average user will have no problem picking up a phone and enjoying it immensely, but there’s also so many opportunities available to the more advanced users

  43. translation: were desperate buy our phones don’t buy Android

  44. Open your “App Drawer” and there’s your iPhone! Haha.. Oh and there’s your ipad too… what a JOKE.

  45. Desperate people say ridiculous things. My whole family, plus tons of co-workers have Android phones and I don’t remember any of them being “confused”.  This is almost as entertaining as Steve Ballmer’s quote that he didn’t understand Android’s business model !

  46. That picture is hilarious!!!

  47. I have not seen anyone using a Nokia phone in over 10 Years….. For that matter I have not seen a nokia phone anywhere in 10 years.

  48. Nokia employees are mad that their company lacks a strategy and are frustrated at layoffs.

  49. Sitting next to me are my Galaxy Nexus, ThunderBolt (sorry girl), and my LA Cellular Nokia 6160 circa 1999.  I wish Nokia the best, I truly do, by I don’t think its going to end well. 

  50. most people that i know that have android phones dont know about moving their apps 2 sd and going to the market and updating to the latest version…they dont know what android version they have…whats gingerbread or ics??? some people have shitty low end phones and think that its the best phone ever…htc and samsung and other manufactures have diff UIs which make it difficult

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