And Just Like That – Google Wallet Has Been Successfully Installed On The Verizon Galaxy Nexus


Not sure if this is more of a “Booyah!” or “In your face!” moment but despite Verizon’s greatest efforts, Google Wallet has successfully been installed on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. You can even take advantage of Google’s bonus $10 of spending cash to get you started on your new NFC journey. As usual, all the fun stuff comes after rooting your device and this is no different with the Galaxy Nexus. Google Wallet can be found and flashed using the ROM Manager app found in the Android Market.

Thanks to @myz06vette and @dl_evans!

[Market Link | XDA | Google+]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Neat

  2. You’re my heros……

  3. Thats what’s up. You can’t block open source VERIZON, you just can’t.

  4. You can’t download the APK online and install through a file manager? 

    1. I looked inside the zip file and there’s actually 2 files that need to get installed. Wallet.apk and NFCGoogle.apk. Sounds complicated and flashing is the only way for now..

      1. i wonder why you can’t just install the two apks?

        1. Apparently it uses libraries that the ROM didn’t ship with.

      2. what happens if you checkmark allow install from unknown sources, and then install both those apk files?

        1. They won’t install. That was the first thing we tried, of course. You have to actually flash the two together (as one) as a .zip file in Clockwork mod. That’s how we were able to get it working.

  5. In your Face ISIS! give the people what they want Verizon……….

  6. Good

  7. how do you install it? i checked under “download roms” in rom manager, not there. 

    1. instructions:

  8. If the phone was delayed because of Google Wallet in the first place, this news will have Verizon steaming mad. Just think of all the money, new accounts, and sales they could have had for this phone if they just released it normally and didn’t try to play God.

    Now, if the phone wasn’t delayed because of G-Wallet, I guess Verizon just won’t care and none of it actually matters.

    Now, I wonder if I’d actually even use this app?

    1. It wasn’t because of GW. Sure, they told Google they weren’t gonna put it on, but they knew about that for months. I still don’t think VZW will be too happy, though. But they had to see this coming.

  9. The app can’t be found using Rom Manager but that is how I flashed it. After doing the .xml fixing and all of that the app stil FC’d on us. On a whim I flashed as a ROM using Rom Manager. I checked every box except the one about making a back up (I already had one and you should make one, too!) When the phone rebooted it was at the welcome screen. I skipped everything just so I could see if the app FC’d. It didn’t. myz06vette aka Mike Beauchamp signed in to his google account and still no FC. Launched Google Wallet and it worked! We got the $10 from google and he added another $50 (In the photo it says $60) We’ve yet to actually test it, though. You find an open store at 230 in the morning… in Kansas. I was at a concert tonight so I’ve yet to do it to my phone but after the photos are backed up I’m going to do it to mine and we’re going to work on making a video. Thanks Chris, Koush, and everyone else who actually did the hard work. Please give them credit, too. Thanks Phandroid for the article, too.


    1. Wonder if this will work on devices other than nexus…im amped to try on my galaxy s2 tmo juggernaut rom.

      1. but that has no NFC. Am i wrong?

        1. Galaxy s2 (Tmobile) HTC Amaze (Tmobile) both have NFC

  10. Has anyone done this and successfully added a Citi MasterCard to their Google Wallet? The last time I tried that on an ICS build for Nexus S 4G (actually all of the available builds) I was met with dismal failure.

  11. Can someone confirm that Google movies and google music works for purchasing content after you root?

    1. normally you cant access movies after root. I am not sure about google music though

      1. Well then thats a non-starter for me then.  I’m not willing to give up huge functionality in order to get Wallet when it will get Isis eventually.

        1. I agree, while there is more than just google wallet waiting for you post root I am not sure (on a nexus) that it is worth giving up such functionality. That being said, when I get mine I plan to stay stock. I played with this bad boy yesterday at verizon and cant wait to get mine from amazon.

        2. I just rented Hangover 2 via the Market and the pre-installed Videos
          app. Worked perfectly. Also, my entire Google Music library streams and
          syncs. I’m @myz06vette:twitter from this article, with Google Wallet working on the same phone.

          So yes, it works fine for purchasing content and streaming your own, even after rooting and unlocking the bootloader.

    2. FWIW,
       google music (purchases) work for me on my rooted Thunderbolt. no problems whatsoever.

    3. I just rented Hangover 2 via the Market and the pre-installed Videos app. Worked perfectly. Also, my entire Google Music library streams and syncs. I’m @myz06vette:twitter  from this article, with Google Wallet working on the same phone.

      So yes, it works fine for purchasing content and streaming your own, even after rooting and unlocking the bootloader.

  12. See? All that weeping, wailing, nashing of teeth, and rending of garments over Verizon’s “censorship” and somebody managed to install it anyway.

    Hope having your little temper tantrums was worth it!

    1. The temper tantrums are about the ability to do whatever we want with the devices we pay for. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, especially in this market, we’ll quickly find these rights disappear.

  13. Have purchases using NFC actually been tested yet? 

    As a software developer, one of  the mantras I live by is “If you haven’t tested it, it doesn’t work!”

    1. Josh I agree but I live in central kansas where the technology isn’t quite there yet. i think there is one place in town with nfc payment. i posted all this around 5 am so now that i’m awake i’ll test it and let you know. 

    2. yes, tested and it works. Personally used it at the local 711, shoprite, wendy’s, and mcdonalds – i’m such a bitch to fast food.

      1. Thanks for the heads up dude!

  14. So I need to root it, download ROM Manager, then download Google Wallet?

    1. The process we went through to get it working:
      1. Unlock bootloader
      2. Root
      3. Download Rom Manager
      4. Install Clockwork Mod
      5. Wipe, wipe, wipe
      6. Flash Google Wallet .zip file “as a ROM” in Clockwork

      1. Ah ok.  Do I have to install Clockwork or can I keep my stock ICS after unlocking and rooting?

        I’m completely new at this and have lots of questions. -_-

        All I wanna do is install Google Wallet and make a NAND backup.  Don’t wanna change the ROM.  Been looking for stuff online but haven’t had time to dig through all the confusing details.

        1. You can keep stock ICS but you’ll need Clockwordmod and Recovery.

  15. Wait… Is there a custom recovery for the Gnex yet? I don’t feel comfortable rooting without nand…

        1. hope you got it working.

  16. It humors me that many of you think Verizon didn’t anticipate the gw/isis conflict LONG BEFORE this phone was even announced.  More to the point, it humors me that people are still thinking the delay had something to do with gw when within hours of releasing the GN, there was a software update (which clearly didn’t block gw functionality).  So glad the tinfoilhattery is mostly over.

    1. Humors you indeed…

  17. This is the first thing I did when I got the device.  LOL.  

  18. Where is this mythical

      1. Thanks!

  19. Do not want after reading that some of the data in wallet is kept as plain text.

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