Verizon Posts Details on First Galaxy Nexus OTA Update


For those of us heading out to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Nexus through Verizon today, an update can be expected to arrive within hours of first booting up the new Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone. We posted news of the Android 4.0.2 build ICL53F yesterday, and now Verizon has updated their support page accordingly. As expected, most of the changes will not be immediately noticeable to the user, including optimized 3G/4G data and Mobile Hotspot over VPN. Other more noticeable alterations include improvements to the visual effects feature associated with the phone’s front-facing camera and “visual improvements” to the handset’s lock screen. The update file is a mere 10.7MB, a quick download for the new 4G LTE handset.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. A new phone AND update all on the same day.  fun!

    1. “Thanks Verizon (for nothing), we’ll take it from here”

      -Love, Google

      1. it’s verizon’s fault google and Samsung rush a phone that had so many issues?
        in fact it seems a vast majority of these issues are a google OS issue

        1. no it’s verizons fault to deny customers who are willing to buy a phone with a “rushed” OS only to force them to wait till it’s “fixed”.

          1. . you’re either joking or you are very very very high

          2. nice way to be a jerk and exclude the possibility of being both very very very high and joking at the same time :S

            very very very high people have “humor” too you know!

          3. RitishOemraw,
            I am going to have to get a vet very high and think about what you just posted.

          4. you think verizon should release the phone when email attachments won’t properly open, false notifications, and volume issues? would you like to pay all the money verizon would spend in dealing with these issues?
            It’s funny to see how google somehow always gets a pass while the carriers are thrown under the bus

          5. never thought about the costs for customer service for those issues….good point….I guess Verizon isn’t as bad as I thought

    2. Actually that would be the second update for the Galaxy Nexus.

    3. Not to mention LTE launch in more cities today (including mine). Now that’s the Sh*t.

  2. Talked with VZW yesterday, they said because I bought a 1 year contract last time I get no discount. A co-worker got her Nexus for 249.99, they gave me mine for 259.99. I swiped my credit card so damn fast I could have started a fire. lol. 

  3. don’t care; when do I get ICS on my Nexus S? 

  4. What is the point of Hot Spot on a limited data plan?

    1. For emergency situations.

  5. OMG i love this phone.. lol

  6. funny thing about all this… I have yet to receive an email from Verizon or Samsung regarding this launch even though I submitted to both on their info pages months ago. :/

    1. SME

    2. I got a samsung email early this morning

    3. I got one from Samsung, not Verizon.  Verizon did, however, use the opportunity to inform me of the RAZR and Rezound.  Awesome, that’s exactly why I gave you my email address…

    4. Got the samsung one, doubt I will ever see a verizon one

  7. Removed Divx support?  Why??

    1. As long as h264-encoded mpeg4 content still plays, it doesn’t matter much

      1. But now that means that I have to re-encode most of my video library to watch it to on my GNex. 
        Guess I could always decline the update or install Rock Player (does that thing still work?)

        1. you mean people actually watch video on a phone? That must be a thrilling experience.

          1. Why not? Obviously your job doesn’t take you out of town. When I do train journeys From Manchester – London or flights out from London I always pack a few movies to take with me. Planes and trains have USB chargers. It’s a must.

  8. screw verizon & their exclusivity 

    i just ordered the gsm model via negri 

    1. I’m sure Verizon will be losing sleep over your lost sale.

  9. “Wi-Fi now automatically reconnects when returning to a known Access Point”

    Does this mean I cannot toggle off Wi-Fi?  I can see this being a carrier thing for network reliability but baked into ICS?  For power consumption?  Shouldn’t it be my choice what data stream I utilize?

    1. its always been like that…yes yoou can turn it off and on

    2. Of course you can turn it off

  10. WOW! I can see why there was a delay now in getting this out. Maybe google and samsung rushed this.

    1. This doesn’t really have to much to do with it. Google can send out multiple updates in a hurry for bug fixes but if this was another phone then they would have to wait months. Example: Google finally had a fix for the SMS bug and sent it out with 2.3.2 in January but some phones are barely getting to 2.3, 12 months later.

  11. LOTS of bugs on my new Galaxy Nexus.

    1) kinda laggy/stuttery every now and then
    2) screen rotation is pretty laggy
    3) sometimes the on screen buttons don’t show up

    i can see they rushed it.

    1. Whatttttttt? It can’t be!!! Didn’t you get the memo the GN is perfect?

  12. Picked this phone up bright and early and loving it. everything is so smooth and responsive. No memory card slot but u get about 28gbs of onboard memory so i definetly cant complain

  13. I have no problems with my Nexus. I got the OTA pushed to me while I was still in the store. Had it updated before I left.

    1. I hate it when they do that, I always insist they don’t run any updates on my phone before giving me it.

  14. I just pick up my new phone. My Nexus. I got the OTA update within 10 minutes when I got the phone. There was only 2 people  — including myself–  in line. Great phone, love it. 

  15. Glad to see they’re on the ball with the GN.

  16. I just picked my NEXUS up and it is a beautiful and fast phone!!!! 

  17. My Local Verizon store does not have any, Ordered online and saved $40, so I am good to go. It says the order has shipped but no tracking number yet. 2 day shipping hopefully I will get it on Saturday but I am not holding my breath. 

    1. Got mine today at 9:45am!

  18. From what I ran into, this update messes up the root instructions.  Had to go the Superboot route.   Be careful if rooting.

  19. I picked up my Gnex this morning. I was just wondering. Does anyone know how to sync your fb contacts with your peoples contacts so that the photos come up in the peoples app?

    1. Facebook needs to update there app yet so it cant do it yet. How you liking it so far. I am loving mine, but the speaker doesnt seem very loud is my only complaint so far. I always have my sound on screen press and I can hardly hear it..

      1. Im loving it too. Yea the speaker is weak. I feel like its that way with all Samsung phones. My OG droid was really loud. Then i used the Fascinate and it was tinny sounding. The Gnex sounds the same as the Fascinate too me

        1. Also, do you know of any 3g 4g toggles that work?

    Probably will be sold out by the time I finish at 6pm pst ;_; 


  21. Typing this on my gnexus right now. Beautiful phone!

  22. If anyone gets theres at bestbuy they will price match target and walmarts inline prices. They did for me anyway. Got it for $249..

  23. And I am the only one that finds the speaker isnt very loud? Specially on when you have sound on screen touch on?

    1. sorry, no complaints allowed. you are not allowed  to break the spell this phone has cast over it’s legion of blind followers.

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