Dec 14th, 2011

Alright, I’m willing to accept the fact that not everyone has taken a liking to MIUI, my personal favorite custom Android ROM. That’s fine. Some people hate chocolate. Or Oreos. Even kittens. I understand that. But if it’s one thing I think we can all agree on — in the words of the great Kanye West… MIUI has one of the greatest lockscreens of ALL time. Unfortunately, for us, the boys over at MIUI HQ have never considered the idea of maybe throwing some of MIUI’s best parts (apps) into the Android Market for us to mix and match and download at our leisure. Wouldn’t that be something?


Well, it looks like all of that has changed with the release of the MiLocker — MIUI’s highly customizable lockscreen — in the Android Market. Now, regardless of your distaste for MIUI, you can now enjoy one of its greatest features. And we aren’t just talking about your typical, boring lockscreen with static icons and sliders. No, many of these lockscreens feature moving parts and animations (like the Transformer one above) that virtually make the lockscreen come to life.

Here’s to hoping the MIUI boys will do what the Go Launcher team has done and release individual apps for download that when combined, eliminate the need for flashing a custom ROM to enjoy all the things that make MIUI so darn lovable.

MiLocker wont cost you a cent and it is currently availble for download in the Android Market. Which MIUI app would you guys like to see next? I vote themeable launcher!

Update: Noticing a lot of concerns about the permissions of the app asking to read Gmail and SMS messages. While I understand these are scary times we live in and permissions should be well scrutinized, the app legitimately needs these permissions to “read” your Gmail and text messages so that it can display them, in full, on the lockscreen. Hope this helps calm some fears.

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