Microsoft Lync 2010 Now Available for Android


Microsoft has released Microsoft Lync 2010 for Android. The free application enables users to communicate with their job’s Lync server on the go, giving users access to instant messaging, remote secure conference calling and more that their IT department enables them to do. And for those of you guys in the IT department, remote device management tools are at your service. Be sure to contact your IT department to apply the necessary updates to Lync and to enable mobile device support if you’re having trouble with the application. Download the free app here. [Thanks Kevin!]

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  1. Lync?  never heard of it.

    1. It is used in office environments.  Lync replaces Office Communicator 2007.

    2. It is the replacement for Office Communicator/ Live Communicator Office IM/Connectivity suite.  I’m in the middle of planning the deployment at my workplace.

      1. i dunno about you, but OC blows! it always crashes and randomly signs you in and out at the slightest blip on the network. the sharing and voice quality is horrible. i can’t wait til we get lync.

        1. Then your implementation or infrastructure is faulty, I must say.  I designed and implemented our OCS 2007 R2 environment to replace LCS 2005 and it works flawlessly.  In the 2 years it has been deployed the only downtime has been for MS Patches, and voice and video quality have been superb, even with most clients running on an at best 100mb connection.  (the servers are located on a 1GB connection, obviously).  We have ~5000 users.  The trick is all in the design phase.  Get that right, and it will sing.

          1. i’m not sure if MS built the product properly enough to handle our 100K+ user base. :)

          2. Hah, perhaps not as stable as it could be, but I’m more likely to blame Windows clustering over OCS.  I’ve found that you need to at lease double the requirements and “best practices” for OCS to run smooth. I plan on quadruple for Lync server.

  2. W00t!

  3. So they have Linq and Linc, and they decided to make the logo look like an L and a Q? hehe

  4. Lync sucks monkey balls, everytime I try to shut down my machine it always hangs and then I have to force log off… 

  5. Anyone know if this works with Communicator?

    1. No, Lync only.  There will be no Android or iOS client for OCS.

  6. Its what office communicator is now called

    1. Understood but will it connect to a Communicator server…if anyone knows.

      1. Not with out some changes… here is a good article…

        We were in the closed TAP program for this. Been running this app since October personally. We also have it for the iPhone for those in our department that have them. I also got offered a HTC Trophy WP7 phone Monday to test the lync client. I had to decline. Just cannot use a phone that is that locked down.

  7. Sweet!!! I use it constantly at work……always wish I could use it when i’m away from my desk

  8. nice, looking fwd to adding the Microsoft Lync app asap

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