Samsung To Unveil 11.6-inch Tablet With 2560×1600 Resolution Early Next Year [Rumor]


BGR is reporting that one of their “trusted” sources has revealed to them an Android tablet of mythological proportions that will be most likely be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February. This unicorn device will feature an 11.6-inch — ready for this? — 2560×1600 resolution display (that’s higher than 1080p) and feature a 16:10 aspect ratio. If 11.6-inches sounds way too big, the source mentioned that only the bezel would be shrinking for the most part, with the device size remaining largely the same as current 10.1-inch tablets.

Alright, now for the fun stuff: internals. Remember those new 5250 Exynos processors we told you Samsung was preparing for “high-end” tablets in 2012? Well, clocked at 2GHz, they will be put to good use in Samsung’s rumored tablet. Also on board is an NFC chip to compliment Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and make excellent use of the new Android Beam feature. Samsung is reportedly aiming for connectivity with televisions (their other bread and butter) offering a wireless docking mode for gaming on your HDTV.

What do you guys think? I’m sure we’ll see a lot of comments like “4 corez or GTFO” but remember, it’s about the architecture of the chip — not necessarily how many cores it has. I think Samsung has this processor thing down and even with only 2 cores, will give quads a run for their money. Can’t wait for next year.

[Via BGR]

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  1. Drooling. I don’t need more stuff. I don’t need more stuff. I don’t need more stuff.

  2. id rather it perform then be slowed down with a resolution higher then my desktop. this ppi war is getting out of hand. i dont play with my tablet at 2 inches from my face

    1. I’m sure the icons and the fonts will be bigger (higher res). Should just make everything REALLY clear. A bit of overkill… but clear. =p

      1. Why is 260 PPI considered overkill?  It is lower than say the Galaxy Note (285) or a 4″ QHD screen like the Atrix (275 PPI).  A 10-12″ viewing distance is the comfortable point for many people (I used to be able to focus 8″ away – those days are long gone now).  At 12″ and 60 pixels per deg, this is a PPI of 286, still perfectly reasonable and far from overkill.

        The Toshiba prototype 6.06″ screen with the same resolution (498 PPI) announced earlier this year – that seems in the overkill region to me, but if you can focus at 7″ (the same 60 pixels/deg) then why not?

        Let’s face it, displays just have not caught up to sensors yet.  It’s nothing to get 8 Mp on your camera – but crop that image by 50% in area and you still can’t display it with all its resolution unless you print it – that sucks.  I’m glad we are finally starting to see some display improvements.  Thank you Apple for creating demand.

        1. What resolution is your computer monitor? Your TV?
          Now do you understand why it’s overkill? Most web sites will look like crap on such a high resolution, starting with phandroid. I am currently on a 1680×1050 montior and this web sites uses only slightly more than half of the horizontal resolution.

          1. So because other displays are a pathetically low res everything else should be the same and never improve? If every idiot was like you we’d all still be stuck with standard definition on 50″ TV’s. And if everything starts using higher res displays sites and everything else will eventually catch up. DERP!

    2. I have 1280 x 800 screen resolution on my Iconia A500 and most nights i have the screen about 10″ from face as its more comfortable when lying on my back. Personally, i would welcome such a crisp display to view HD media content that close. Plus, when you have the likes of quad core technology already integrated in todays Tablets, i doubt if/when this Samsung comes out it will slow it down…

  3. can samsung sue apple, when the ipad hd comes out with a high res screen?:p

    1. Can a psychologist medicate you to help you with your Apple obsession?

      1. can you not argue every point you see on the interwebz… its like an…… obsession of yours or something, its all i ever see you posting is arguments

      2. they tried with you, but your sheepishness runs too deep.

  4. Put Samsung Processors in HTC Hardware and it would be unmatched.

  5. I wish they would step up laptop displays…

    1. ZOMG!!! So freakin’ true… =/

      1. Right, only 27” desktop monitors have 2560×1600 resolution. it sucks.

  6. This is going to cost so much money. 

  7. As long as this beautiful sized tablet offers a keyboard dock like the prime, or is compatible with it, I will get in line.

    1. IKR!? That no-charge dock that supposedly comes with the Galaxy Tab doesn’t seem lyk a smart idea for this tablet here.

  8. with that resolution, they could make a really nice 15″ tablet.  

  9. Lol 1080p now console troles can enjoy 1600p true pc resolution in the palm of you hands.

  10. What’s with the battle of ppi. Apple came out this a great marketing plan to push a “retina display” and all of a sudden apple fanboys started to care about ppi. Then of course it made the rest world think it was something to be concerned with. When in reality a 2560×1600 is just overkill on a 11.6inch screen and bogs down the processor.

    1. Yep, I agree, and I wound’t mind having a 55″ OLED TV with that resolution, or even 4kx2k, but this would be a screen 5x the diagonal (25x more screen area) to be watched 5x farther away from the screen and there is no need to discern individual pixels, subtitle font is bigger anyway…

  11. KAl El processors are able to switch to a lower power processor when its maintaining low end tasks. How the heck would a higher dual-core processor help its battery life? I can’t imagine that my processor will constantly be running a 2 Ghz processor because it will ruin the battery

    1. The new Exynos 5250 runs on a smaller 32nm process. Also the ARM architecture will have the new A15 core, which is said to be 40% faster as the A9 from Kal-El. Not to forget the Kal-El is 40nm.

      1. this has nothing to do with battery life……

        1. Smaller die size has a LOT to do with battery life/power consumption.  A LOT.

  12. Lol. This is like having a laptop now with the computer built into the screen. If it was this big, wouldn’t you just want a laptop? Maybe someone should just make a laptop with a touchscreen if there isn’t already.

    1. They do and they just happen to be older pcs called Tablet PCs the only reason why the current tablets are they way they are is because of the apple ipad becuase before that the tablet pcs where convertible laptops where the screen swiveled over the keyboard and you could use it as a tablet. I have worked on a older tablet like that.

  13. That’s awesome to have that resolution but here we go again.  No one manufacturer will have the be-all end-all tablet.  Is it too much to ask to put a Tegra 3 chip into this tablet with that energy saving fifth low voltage core?  

    1. Why would you want an obsolete SoC (which Tegra 3 will start to be in about 2 months) in a device that will ship next summer? 

      The A15 architecture is supposed to be 40% faster than A9 clock-for-clock, and the Exynos 5250 is clocked at 2.0GHz.

      TLDR; a dual-core A15 32nm Exynos at 2.0GHz will be as fast or faster than a quad-core-plus-one 40nm A9 Tegra 3 at 1.3 GHz.  

      It will also be less expensive to manufacture, and at a 32nm process, it’s quite likely it’ll be more energy efficient as well. 

  14. wow. This resolution would be brighter than A 27-inch iMac. That’s impressive

    1. resolution has nothing to do with brightness

  15. Does the live wallpaper if the unicorn come standard, cuz if not it’s a rip off.

  16. 4 corez or GTFO


    1. What does it mean?!?!?!?!?!

  18. The timing of this news is uncanny I was just about to get the transformer prime…

  19. That sound nice.

  20. The bezel is too skinny, not enough space to hold it properly. Although the current crop of tablets are too much bezel so something in between would be best.

    Also, going on the wording of the article, seems like the extra screen size will mostly be offset against the reduced bezel but not completely which implies the tablet will increase in size slightly.

    I think it’ll be better when they create a display with 10″ screen, with this resolution in a tablet smaller than the current tablets (due to bezel being reduced slightly). Best of both worlds :-)

  21. Can’t wait! I think I may need a Samsung support group… I’m addicted! Love my 10.1 Galaxy Tab now.

  22. I’d buy this. Bezel is too big though 

  23. Mmm. I may buy.

  24. Very nice, 10.1 inch a bit to small for a tablet when most laptops use 16.6 inch screens so 11 inch ish would be very usefull.

  25. LOLZ at the mythical unicorn

  26. Whats sad really is people don’t realize this will further fragment the tablet android app store. Really now developers would have to make apps work under an extremely high res with without a doubt a processor that won’t be able to handle it. Android is already choppy as it is at 1280 by 800, how do you think its going to run at such an extremely high res with today’s hardware? Even hardware coming out a year from now will most likely not be able to handle 3D apps at that res.

    1. You think this tablet is a BAD thing. You are delusional.

      1. Could be an amazing tablet but without proper apps and developer support like most of the current android tablets it’s just going to be another expensive web browser. Just to be clear though I want nothing more than this to be a success. This could end up bring the best tablet in the market but without proper dev support I don’t know how that’s going to happen.

  27. Just a small word of caution here: its BGR.

  28. all for the bargain price of $2500…..

  29. idk, I’m hardcore about the functionality of a keyboard dock, i.e. Transformer, but I might be sold on this so long as it’s as smooth as a Tegra 3 device

  30. Chris, another great article…. 12 inch tablet? i’ll buy it, if it has a kick stand.

  31. NFC: Near Fatal Clubbing.  That’s how you’ll be paying for stuff at CVS after you lay out the $$$ for this thing.  when they’re $250 in 2019 I’ll get one.  Can hardly wait!

  32. This ain’t no tablet anymore.

  33. That resolution on a screen that small is asinine, hell, anything higher than 720 p really makes no sense at all. Most people will not be able to perciece the difference. I held my Droid Inc 1next to a 4s the other day and the user I was showing it to, and myself really couldn’t see a difference at all.

  34. well let see if it can beat asus transformer prime .. well.. i’m a samsung fan but >..< why samsung nvr use tegra 3 .. 

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