Internal Testing Begins for Nexus S Android 4.0 Update


The internal testing process has begun for the Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Nexus S, according to several posts made to Google+ by Google employees. Googlers using the Nexus S are receiving an early build of Android 4.0 as an OTA update in order to evaluate its performance and test for any final bugs during daily use. The news is a good sign that Nexus S users who don’t work for Google should soon be receiving the update, though members of Google’s team were quick to point out that there are currently no final plans for a larger rollout of the software. The posts have since been removed, but initial word is that the build is looking pretty good. With a recent volume bug uncovered only after the launch of the Galaxy Nexus, we expect Google to run over the OS update with a fine-tooth comb before giving it the final stamp of approval for the Nexus S

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. What gets the update first: The nexus s/s4g or the xoom wifi? discuss

    I think it’s the xoom so google can show off the tablet interface and accelerate deployment on the other (almost identical) honeycomb tablets

    1. ASUS Transformer

      1. despite the fact that all honeycomb updates have come to the xoom first because it’s the developer device?

        1. More wishful thinking than anything else ;) Though it shouldn’t be considered outside the realm of possibility as they need to get it ready for the Prime, which I’m sure has a lot of identical components.

    2. I definitely bet the Nexus S. The Xoom isn’t technically a Nexus device, so I am betting it will definitely be later.

      1. It’s the equivalent–it’s a developer device, with updates coming from google

  2. Wish we could get our hands on it!

  3. LOL… Nexus S is gonna have ICS before the GNex is released.

    1. Wouldn’t that be hilariously tragic.

      1. According to my friends, some Nexus S googlers have been testing Android 4 since August.  Verizon has been holding up the of GNexus to find some way to mess up the stock Android. Looks like I’m going to go with the HSPA+ GNexus instead.

    2. Wouldn’t be shocked since VZW is involved in the Nexus.

    3. nexus s owners should received the 4.0 update the same day ICS was launched, in the end we are already clients that bought their hardware.

      1. Well, that was never the case with the N1 and any previous release… the hardware manufacturer still needs some time to tune the firmware before mass distribution.

        1. Sadly, you are right but they should be able to release the new software updates simultaneously on their compatible hardware (nexus phones in this case) like apple and microsoft do. I guess this is a marketing move, they want to sell the new hardware but they are also pissing off the old clients like me. If I buy the new galaxy nexus now, next year I’ll be treated the same way, I’ll receive the updates long after the new hardware release. As a note I also own an iPhone 3GS wich received the 3rd big software update iOS 5 the same time as the iphone 4 and 4s (3GS was launched in summer 2009 by the way). It’s not because they can’t it’s because they don’t want it and in the end this was the reason I have choosen the nexus s over the phones with better harware – because of the software. I’m not happy at all and I’ll think twice before spending my money on the next phone.

          1. I sorta feel your pain, but rest assured your Nexus S will have an official OTA update long before any other non-Nexus device.

          2. iPhone 3GS received the 2nd major update, not 3rd!

            it shipped with iOS 3
            1st major update was iOS 4 – no FaceTime
            2nd major update was iOS 5 – no Siri

            the updates added multitasking & notifications
            android have them from ever!

  4. 2 things that are going to piss me off:

    1) if the Nexus S gets ICS before the G-Nex is released on VZW

    2) if att gets the G-Nex before Verizon does

  5. Saw Ice Cream Sandwich on a Googler’s Nexus S a month ago.

  6. I just want it before the 28th so I can tease my traitorous cousin who jumped ship to iPhone 4s declaring that Android “peaked with the [Sprint Galaxy S Epic] that I got last year.”

    1. lol he has it backwards, iPhone peaked with iPhone 4.

  7. i love having a nexus s

  8. this makes me almost wish i owned a Nexus S 4G rather than an EVO 4G.  i like the build quality, LED, and larger display of my EVO – but that pure Google and ICS is sweet.

    anyone else?

    1. Yea if I was on Sprint I would have went Nexus S 4g over Evo 4g… but it was released kind of late, much after the Evo… so I dunno, i’d probably be right where you are, owning an Evo wishing for a Nexus… I’m on T-mobile with a HTC Sensation wishing I had any other phone… Sense is such garbage… but worst the device is shoddily built, so even after a root i’m still pissed off at how crappy the phone is.

      1. yeah i picked up the EVO 4G on launch day June 2010.  coming from a Palm Centro (and Treos prior) the EVO was a quantum leap.  Nexus S 4G on Sprint wasn’t available until May 2011 – almost a year later.  i still prefer my EVO hardware vs. that plasticky Nexus S – but i want pure ICS!!!  here’s hoping Sprint gets the G-Nex soon.

  9. I’m glad I have NEXUS S that way i can get ICS and I will wait for the next NEXUS with NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor sweet!

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