Verizon Confirms A Pair Of Motorola XyBoards – 10.1-inch and 8-inch Models Due In December


Cnet got some hands on time with a pair of new Motorola tablets looking for a release in time for the holidays. The Droid Xyboard is the sequel to the original Xoom (actually called the Xoom 2 overseas) this time coming in 2 sizes — both a 10.1-inch and 8-inch model. This is the first time we’re seeing Verizon not only confirm a still very vague December release but the device’s name as well (yes, we were hoping they would change it last minute).

Both the 10.1-inch and 8-inch Xyboards will come with largely the same specs as the previous Motorola Xoom — 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 5MP rear/1.3MP front facing cameras — with the only real changes coming from the device’s form factor featuring a more “Droid Razr-ish” feel and hopefully a better screen. Of course, Verizon will be featuring these as the newest lineup of tablets taking advantage of their 4G LTE network.

You can expect the usual accessories like a case that conveniently keeps both the Xyboard and optional keyboard nice and safe form the elements but still no word on pricing, exact launch date (surprise!) or more in depth specifications. We expect to learn more as we near the Xyboard’s launch.

[Cnet via Droid-Life]

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  1. I’m going to assume they have quads ready behind this for next year.

    1. They’ve been burned by Nvidia once, so you’ll have to wait until TI releases the quad-core OMAP line. 

      But the fact that these are slimmer, lighter, and NOT using a Tegra 2 makes them worthy upgrades to the OG Xoom already.  Better display panel is icing on the cake.

      Long story short, there should be a SIGNIFICANT performance boost with these using a OMAP/PowerVR 540 SoC compared to the weak Tegra 2-powered original model.  Bonus points for using the ICS reference SoC.

      1. Yet the 540 provides the same level of graphical power as a ULP GeForce. I smell BS coming from your posting.

        1. Not having NEON cripples the Tegra 2.  No BS about that.

          1. Not really. Unless you numerical proof…it’s still BS.

          2. Here’s a good place for you to start comparing raw numbers:


            After you’ve digested that, maybe do a little research on NEON and SIMD, and what lacking it means to performance. Tegra 2 lacks it.

          3. @Croak:disqus Ok all that showed me is the performance of the GPU. The NEON and SIMD stuff is not part of the GPU. Also I’m very much aware of what NEON and SIMD do.

  2. That looks exactly like a100.

  3. Whoever is in the naming department has to get fired because the name “xyboard” is horrible!

  4. If they’ll work with my existing docks/chargers, I’ll consider getting the XyBoard 2, who really cares what they’re called anyways? Everybody I meet asks me if my Xoom is an iPad and I just say “something like that” anyways.

  5. who gives a flying fk… VZ release the F*ING Nexus then concentrate on what ever you want. I swear they have A-D-D over there. Keep getting side-tracked, when they should have released the damn nexus before all the sht they’ve been putting out this month!!

  6. So is this only coming to Verizon because of the Droid name in it

  7. I really hope after this year they will bump up the ram to at least 2 gb. Make it want to replace a laptop. Especially with android and its multitasking you need a lot of ram.

  8. Who’s stupid enough to buy this when the transformer prime is just a couple of weeks and way better

  9. I’m doing this on my Xoom, and I can confirm that I will never purchase another Motorola product again.

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