Dec 1st, 2011

Google Wallet is making its way to a slew of vending machines across New York, DC, Chicago and San Francisco thanks to Cantaloupe Systems who provides tech services for vending machine operators. Compatible vending machines will be marked with Google Wallet stickers and Cantaloupe says Google could soon be implementing coupons and rewards as they purchase their snacks. That’s not all, a vendor could also make a compatible app as a way for consumers to make new snack requests or file complaints.

Currently, there is only one phone in the US that is able to take advantage of NFC enabled checkout services, the Nexus S. Soon, there will be 2 — that is, if the Galaxy Nexus ever gets released. It’s never been easier to pay for a Snickers but if you’re an iPhone user — you’ll have to use the old-school method of paper or plastic.

[Via AllThingsD]