More Google Wallet Vending Machines Coming To A City Near You


Google Wallet is making its way to a slew of vending machines across New York, DC, Chicago and San Francisco thanks to Cantaloupe Systems who provides tech services for vending machine operators. Compatible vending machines will be marked with Google Wallet stickers and Cantaloupe says Google could soon be implementing coupons and rewards as they purchase their snacks. That’s not all, a vendor could also make a compatible app as a way for consumers to make new snack requests or file complaints.

Currently, there is only one phone in the US that is able to take advantage of NFC enabled checkout services, the Nexus S. Soon, there will be 2 — that is, if the Galaxy Nexus ever gets released. It’s never been easier to pay for a Snickers but if you’re an iPhone user — you’ll have to use the old-school method of paper or plastic.

[Via AllThingsD]

Chris Chavez
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  1. next you will be able to buy a hooker with nfc, just slide it in her slot. 

    1. Hooker vending machines? Sounds like a cool invention. Slide your phone and out comes a hooker through the slot down below.

  2. Now if only I can get a nexus on Verizon and use it with visa we will be all set.

  3. Verizon  when not have google wallet 

  4. Now all that’s needed are for manufacturers to actually put NFC into their phones AND carriers to stop disabling it AT&T……..

    If NFC made its way into the iP4s, everyone would be rushing to be NFC capable. Sadly….

  5. You forgot to mention the samsung galaxy 2 on tmobile also has nfc baked in

    1. Doesn’t count when compared to things like the galaxy nexus

      1. Uh, yeah it does. We’re mentioning phones with NFC chips in them.

        I’d take the SGS2 over a Nexus any day. No MicroSD, no HDMI? PenTile Display? Ewwww

        1. Yea cause you rather take a lower resolution phone just because the GN has pentile that you can’t even notice.

          1. No, but Id take a device with expandable storage over one without it. ;)
            By far my biggest complaint about the GN and also the same reason I didnt not buy the NS.

    2. The HTC Amaze also has NFC. The Moto RAZR, AT&Ts Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, aswell but they’re all disabled for god knows what reason….
      [Edited] I wrote that poorly, but it’s corrected now. Its amazing (=P) how a few missing/misplaced punctuations can throw off a statement. The NFC on the Amaze is not disabled. Only on the others.

      1. Ah man, I thought I’d be able to use this on my Amaze. Maybe when ICS comes it will work

        1. My apologies. I wrote that poorly. The NFC chipset on the HTC Amaze isn’t disabled. It is on the Moto RAZR, AT&T SGS2 and Skyrocket however. Let me go correct that… lol

  6. bring visa support in the app or go home!

  7. If NFC becomes implemented in every vending machines, the day you forget your phone at your house will suck so hard :(

    1. But you’d have the same problem if you left your wallet at your house.. & I’d be more likely to leave my wallet than my phone. 

      As our phones are replacing more & more, we’ll be relying on them more & be less likely to forget them.

  8. yeah…verizon (or even the galaxy nexus all together) wont have google wallet which upsets me. verizon already confirmed it and said when their own nfc payment service becomes available theyll implement it. because the galaxy nexus is being released across the world not just the US google isnt including google wallet on the phone because google wallet itself isnt available across the world (yet)

  9. Hell yeah…good to see Google stepping up on the Features of Androids…thought maybe they would never really make Androids able to do things ahead or separate than idevices…

  10. By the time galaxy nexus comes out the 4th gen nexus like be announced. Hahahahahagagagagbabab

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