Nov 29th, 2011

Adobe has mentioned that their Flash Player and AIR plugins will be heading to the Galaxy Nexus sometime next month. The fact that they were coming was already known but we didn’t know exactly when.

If you don’t remember, Adobe discontinued Flash and AIR mobile to focus on HTML5, though they remained committed to continuing support for critical bugs and security flaws. We imagine Google pressed them to make one last push to add support for the Galaxy Nexus. We don’t have anything to worry about, though, as we’re as sure as the sun it’ll be here now.

As for other devices? Well, that’s up to OEMs. Most will likely to continue to provide support for future phones, but huge strides in Flash and AIR for Android are just about over. Just be happy the latest major update made its way to us and that the Galaxy Nexus will be getting it after all. [Adobe]

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