ASUS Transformer Prime Overview Page Now Live – Provides In Depth Info and Downloadable Manual


The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime is sure to be a hot item this holiday season and we happened upon the official overview page, now live, on While, this isn’t exactly news, I did feel it would be a great place to direct friends and family, possibly on the fence about which tablet to purchase for the holidays. Just like Google’s Galaxy Nexus page, the Transformer Prime page goes a little more in depth on all the individual features of the disturbingly thin tablet, showing off its hardware and new software.

If you would live to check it out the overview for yourself or bookmark so you can share with others, hit up that source link where you can also find the user manual available for download. Inside the manual? Well, just your typical level 5 tech support tips like, “if your device doesn’t recognize your SD card, remove it and place it back in.” Derp.

Thanks, Sean!

[Via ASUS]

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  1. don’t forget the tablet site

  2. The source link is better without the ending /#overview part so all the info displays on the page instead of through that Print button.

  3. Can’t wait!

  4. No release date?

  5. I’d sell my body and soul to have this now!

    1. hmm…

    2. luckily you look hot.  I’ll buy that.

    3. Worse offers have been made by less attractive people…

  6. How much RAM does this thing have? With a quad core cpu I hope at least 2 GBs..

  7. How did I miss that you can pre-order it now. xD

  8. I have not really been in the tablet market.  However, I demoed the Transformer at BestBuy. It was sluggish and feeling a little outdated.  However, knowing the performance increase is 10x or more with the Prime, I am in the market to get this thing.  The dock makes this a very good tablet/netbook solution.

    1. You should never judge tablets based on demo units. Many of them aren’t updated to the latest software and people install all kinds of crap on them. I’ve had my Transformer since July and it’s still very fast.

  9. doesn’t list a release date while is listing a Dec 16 release date…

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