Netflix for Android Tablets Finally Gets Tablet-Friendly User Interface


Great news for all Netflix users with Android Honeycomb tablets! They’ve finally updated their application for tablet users. Starting out, Netflix on tablets was simply a stretched out version of the app for phones. While it worked out OK for streaming videos, searching through the catalog, managing your queue and more were just cumbersome and not enjoyable. Users on tablets can simply head on over to the Android market and find the update starting today. Be sure to do that right away if this is something you’ve been waiting for. [Netflix]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Running smoothly, on the original ASUS Eee Pad Transformer tablet

    1. Has the video quality improved over the phone version?

      1. sorry for the late response, the quality remains the same considering the bandwidth of the internet connection remains the same.

  2. I like your blog.

  3. The forgot to mention the most important thing. Netflix released the Android version before the iOS version, finally companies are figuring out which OS should be the first to receive updates, there are more Androids out there than iOS devices.

  4. This is great! Use Netflix daily on my Xoom — try as I might, that queue just keeps growing. UI definitely needed an overhaul.

  5. Seems pretty stuttery to me

  6. There is always an argument about iOS and Android tablets, people take it so seriously. Either way, I’m not too interested in the app, I really don’t foresee me going back to Netflix, the lack of content was just too much for me to look over. I didn’t want to pay for a monthly service and not enjoy watching it every day. I moved over to the Blockbuster Movie Pass when I heard about it at work at DISH Network. This offers me what Netflix used to, streaming and rentals via mail, but there’s a difference now. The rentals in mail include Blu Ray discs and video games at no extra charge, not to mention that I am now getting tons of content and enjoying streaming a lot more.

  7. Just read this randomly, how do I get this and what are the features of this app? Does this have subscription fees? Thanks.

  8. I always check out this website before buying any products in the best android tablet – My personal favorite is ASUS Eee Pad Transformer because it is better than any other tab.”

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