This Is One Android Toy We’d Love to Have [GUNDAM]


So of all the great Android-related toys, apparel and accessories out there, there is one that we didn’t think we’d ever see but one that we now find ourselves longing for. Reader “KaiTech” slipped this quick link to us showing a robot toy that can transform from its cylindrical-shaped self into a full-blown bad-ass robot. It’s apparently an homage to GUNDAM Age-1, though a guy not into mechs (like myself) may mistake it for the more popular Transformers IP. Either way, we’re just about ready to drop our cash for one of these, though we won’t hold our breath for large-scale production.  Check out a lot more pics at the link ahead. [KeroPuni]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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    edit: it looks like the guy just cut up one of the Android blank DIY figures and attached it to his Gundams. Still cool!

    1. Someone needs to mass produce these, ASAP!! 

  2. HOLD ME BACK — Totally GEEKING OUT right now!!

    1. i fucking concur O_O

  3. Um, I don’t care about Gundam, but this is pretty badass ! lol

  4. Ha ha. How cute. I’m not a Gundam nerd, but that’s pretty cool!

  5. Pretty badass, I want!!

  6. They better ask me for licensing.

  7. Guys check out Robot Rock:  http://www.searcheeze.com/it/p…

    A collection of the best Android news. Daily. :)

  8. hurry google patent the idea of toys before apple does. oh wait my bad they already make toys the iphone

  9. Having a boot animation of this transformation would be absolute KILLER~!!

  10. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

  11. OMG! It’s a Gundam, that’s awesome enough in itself!

  12. beats out Talking Elmo for Xmas

  13. この発想は思いつかなかったなw ガンダムAGEは面白くないんで見てないけどな。あれクソだもん!

  14. Hi, I wrote “how to make” it !
    Enjoy your own custom android !! 

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