Deal Alert: Today Only – Get The Motorola DROID RAZR For $111 From Amazon Wireless [UPDATE]


Came across a heck-of-deal from Gizmodo. Apparently, Amazon Wireless wants to give potential Motorola Droid Razr customers a great deal on the razor thin device, offering it for a miniscule $111.11 — today, 11/11/11. The deal is good for 1 day only UPDATE: and is now live from Amazon Wireless.

So if you were looking to score a deal on the latest from Motorola and Big Red, Amazon Wireless should definitely be your destination. Unfortunately, it appears as if everyone has already jumped on the deal with the RAZR now being backordered for the next 8-9 days. Don’t forget, deals like these, they typically only apply for new customers or new lines. Anyone fall under any of those categories and is picking one up for $111?

Thanks, Cam!

[AmazonWireless via Gizmodo]

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  1. This phone just needed one more feature for my impatient ass to get it tomorrow instead of waiting for the nexus. It could have been a full HD display, ICS, vanilla android, or an unlocked bootloader. Sadly, it has none, so my og Droid and I shall keep waiting

    1. Indeed.  Nexus will be the only sufficient replacement for my OG Droid as well.  It will be nice to get updates first-hand from Google now rather than rely on devs for half-baked OS updates.  I went back to Froyo on it just to get it stable/fast again.

    2. It shows content in 3D, and is Samoled Plus…unlike the Nexus with just plain Samoled.

      1. Its not amoled plus, but amoled advanced.

        1. FYI…Samoled Advanced is Plus at qHD res. Plus is just at 800×480. Learn a thing or two.

          1. I didn’t even know this before this comment. Thanks!

            meanwhile, why the hell are the amoled/samoled terms made so freakin confusing? 

    3. Right, if they packed a 4.5 or larger super amoled plus in it I’d be willing to wait for ICS. I find the 4.3″ to be too small after owning a 4.52.

  2. I wonder if this will be only for new contracts or if it will allow re-newels for the same price.  Every other deal I’ve seen on Amazon has been for new contracts only, which is BS.  I guess they’d rather get new customers rather than keep their existing ones.

    1. can’t you sign as a “new customer” if your 2yr contract is up (even if you’re with verizon currently) ? or does verizon not work that way, as other carriers do?

      1. You could do that if you called and cancelled your current account, of course you’d lose your phone number unless you cleverly ported it to a prepay temporarily.

        1. so it’s automatically an upgrade and you can’t get the new customer deal, even if you’re off contract but with verizon?

          wow, that sounds sucky – cancelling would lose grandfathered stuff which may or may not matter, depending on the new contract.

  3. I predict they move at least a quarter-million of these phones this weekend. 

  4. So $111+$350=$466. Sounds to me like there is a bit of money to be made here if you want to sign a new contract and cancel it. I’d imagine you can get $600 for a new one on eBay.

    1. Nope, with Amazon, you get a second contract for 181 days that adds an additional ETF. 250$ I believe.

  5. I like cats

    1. I’ve always been partial to turtles. O_o

  6. Tried to take advantage of the deal, but price for current customers was $199. Decided to pull the trigger and save the $100 however when at check delivery date went to Nov 28th due to back order. Held off for 30 minutes trying to decide if I could wait that long. Went back and now the price is $249. Guess I’m back to costco bundle.

  7. Only good for new customers….not even for add a line. Boooo! Best Buy it is!

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