Toys R Us Now Offering Kid-Friendly Nabi Tablet For Pre-Order – Specs And Price Are Better Than You Think


App developer FUHU, known for their kid-friendly Fooz Kids edutainment applications, has teamed up with Toys R Us to offer an affordable Android tablet for children (and adults). The Nabi Tablet is a fun and educational tablet featuring a custom “kiddie” user interface on top of Android that allows for kids to browse the web, watch videos, read books and of course — get their edumacation on. That’s not all. The tablet can also be password unlocked by a parent to allow for a more traditional “grownup” Android experience.

As an Android parent, the first question you’re likely asking yourself is, “What are the specs on that thing?” Surprisingly, the Nabi Tablet comes with a 7-inch, 800×480 resolution display, 533MHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor with PowerVR SGX530 GPU for 3D gaming, 4GB of internal storage and a 3,000mAh battery for up to 5 hours of non-stop gaming. The kiddie tab also comes equipped with Wi-Fi, front facing camera and can playback video at 1080p HD (excessive, but cool none-the-less).

Along with the custom UI, the Nabi Tablet also comes with it’s own custom Nabi App Store featuring over 500 apps for your child to download and lose themselves in. The Nabi tab is also pre-loaded with a Design Studio portal, featuring 30 creative apps for drawing/painting and another 30 e-book apps for children. If you’re more interested in the learning part of the Nabi tablet, it also has access to Fooz Kids University, FUHU’s site featuring over 22,000 state standardized math skills from grades pre-kindergarten all the way up to fifth grade.

The Nabi Tablet can be pre-ordered right now from Toys R Us for $200 with an estimated ship date of December 1st. Just in time for the holidays. Any of our readers have any kids that have been exceptionally good this year? Will the Nabi Tablet make its way under your tree this year?

[Toys R Us via Electronista]

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  1. ROFL wanna be somebody carry these around as a real tablet! i think it would be freaking funny.

    1. I would so rock the grey one.

      1. Have to admit the grey one is pretty rocking. LOL

      2. That grey one is where it’s at son!

    2. These are just covers that will work with any 7″ tablet. I personally see no reason why to pay so much for this thing because it comes with a funny cover when Junior Tablet is pretty much the same thing and sells for much less.

  2. I bought my 12-year-old a Viewsonic GTablet in July for straight As for the entire year last year, and it’s currently rocking CM7, so I have no interest in this whatsoever. If there was some way to get rid of the kiddie stuff and just run regular Android full-time, I’d probably consider getting it for my parents though.

  3. I am considering to buy my toddler something like this.  I researched the Vinci Toddler Tablet which is really cool.  I love the idea of buying my daughter a tablet that meets safety requirements.  This one seems to be lots more affordable but I think the other one has more programs without buying tons of apps on the Nabi store.

    Again, the most important thing is that it meets safety for toddlers or whatever age will be using it.  A regular tablet I know is not the best choice here.

  4. And I just found my babysitter christmas gift

  5. Seems pretty decent. Wish my siblings were younger so I could get it for them, but they want my Transformer instead.

  6. Whatever happened to the days when it was okay to just buy kids that spinning thing that made animal sounds?

    1. I personally think (being a father) it will help me get more involved in my daughters every day learning.  I think its great to embrace children in technology at a young age (as long as its safe).  …but, there is always a time for that spinning thing that makes animal sounds ;)

      1. I agree, I’m already using “Kids Mode” from Zoodles on my tablet, but I’d like to give my daughter her own device.

        1. I’ll be honest, I bought a tablet last spring and now my 3 year old daughter uses it more than I do (I guess I’m old school and still prefer a laptop/desktop).  I think tablets are great for kids.  My daughter’s learning has accelerated way faster with it than those kids in her class without it due, in part I believe, to the free educational apps available. 

          When I’m getting ready to head out to work in the mornings, she’s playing puzzle games, letters/phonics games, math games, secondary language games, etc.  PBS makes all of its kids shows available as learning games, as well as tv shows available free as part of Amazon Prime Instant Video.The only problem is that when I do decide to use it, I have to clean the screen.  She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of cleaning her hands BEFORE touching the screen.

    2. You can get that as an app now :b

  7. I think it’s a great idea and when the time comes, I’ll be buying something like this. I wish my 1 year old boys were old enough for Fruit Ninja. But as of now just flipping the screens of the launcher on my RAZR makes them happy enough.

  8. I hate it when people list 1080p video playback on devices with screens with a smaller resolution than that. OK sure, your device can PLAY the file, but it’s not playing AT 1080p.

  9. Isn’t Nabi Korean for butterfly?  I don’t think that those specs, even with CyanogenMod, is the best deal for that price.  I will say that the specs are better than the Pandigital Novel 7 E-reader with the company-provided Android 2.2 upgrade.  My daughter can barely play solitaire on it.  But my Nook Color (not the new one) does WAY better.

    1. Seems to me a Refurb Nook Color for $139 on, an SD card and CyanogenMod 7.1 stable woud be a better deal.  There are children sandbox apps available, and you can keep the Nook’s original OS. 

      The big question is durability.

  10. I saw this available at beigephone!

  11. These are just covers that will work with any 7″ tablet. I personally see no reason why to pay so much for this thing because it comes with a funny cover when Junior Tablet is pretty much the same thing and sells for much less.

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