Nov 8th, 2011


Well, this was certainly out of left field. Apparently, some curious HTC Amaze 4G users over on XDA got to fiddling around with their devices and once they got to inserting an AT&T SIM card and setting the correct APN settings for AT&T… BOOM. Their HTC Amaze was connected to not only AT&T’s 3G, but their 4G data network as well.

Normally because of the incompatibility of T-Mobile’s bands 3G/4G bands with AT&T and “the rest of the world,” T-Mobile devices are never really a good choice for importing or unlocking for use on other carriers. Things were made even murkier with the inconsistent information provided by HTC on their website and the box of the Amaze. While I don’t recommend you run out and buy your own unlocked HTC Amaze for AT&T/Canada/UK, this could be good to know in case you ever run into a great deal on Craigslist.

Now that the HTC could be technically labeled as a “world phone,” has this made any of you guys consider importing or unlocking the device for your carrier? Hit up the source link to see the 4G results new HTC Amaze users have been experiencing on AT&T.

Thanks, Suraj!

[Via XDA]

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