Motorola RAZR Debuts at Rogers, Available for $149.99 on Contract


As folks in the US wait for their clocks to strike the gimmicky 11:11AM on 11/11/11, Rogers has made the Motorola RAZR available for our Canadian neighbors. The ultra-thin Android 2.3 handset with a 1.2GHZ dual-core processor is now available for purchase. With a three-year obligation, the RAZR comes in at $149.99. Understanding that three years may be too long for some, Rogers is also offering the phone contract-free for $649.99.

[Rogers via MobileSyrup]

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  1. Is that $149 USD? Cause if that’s so Verizon sucks balls!!!!

    1. $149 Canadian :)

      1. which at times is $149 US

    2. They sign 3 year contracts.  That’s all I have to say.

      1. AFAIK, they can upgrade at two years with the usual 2yr discount, they only have to wait three if they want out of the contract without an ETF.

        1. Rogers has moved to a 30 month early upgrade cycle, but yes, it used to be 24 months

  2. can subs re-up sooner than 3ys and still receive a full discount?

  3. Full discount after two years if you sign a new three year deal

  4. @bigcix
    Remember that’s on a 3year contract Verizon is only 2years

  5. You guys suck. And MobileSyrup sucks too. I went to four different stores and guess what – none of them is aware that the phone is available. And neither there is a single line on the Rogers web site that states that.

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