What Paid Apps and Games Have You Bought Lately?


You know how Fridays are here at Phandroid – we start to get a little bit curious. Today, we’re wondering about what apps you’ve been buying. Personally, I’m a sucker for helping out a good developer and buying pro versions or donation versions of apps has become somewhat of a habit for me.

In recent weeks and months, I’ve purchased a couple of different games. Need for Speed: Shift has been one of my absolute favorites as I am a huge fan of the console and PC games. Considering the fact that the game was on sale recently, I had no choice but to give in.

I also bought Gameloft’s 9mm, a shooter that has you chasing down gang members for the greater good of the neighborhoods they’re infesting. Controls are more comfortable on tablets but I’m no less entertained by it on my phone.

As for apps, I felt it was as good a time as any to purchase Titanium Backup Pro (base application). With the frequent amount of ROM switching I do, it’s always imperative to back my applications and settings up. With Titanium, I can get my phone back to the same state prior to flashing a ROM without having to babysit my phone and the pro version offers features to make all of that even more helpful.

A few other apps and games I’ve bought are HDR Camera+, Relax and Sleep Plus, Uno and the Craigslist Notification app. Check their descriptions out at their respective links to the Android market. Many of them have free or trial versions available so try them out first. You can find those additional versions under their developer page.

Are any of you buying any apps worth buying? If so, we want to hear! Leave your list in the comments section below and see if you can’t be moved to be a couple of apps that other users suggest.

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  1. 4 Player Reactor: a social puzzle/quiz game that’s really fun to play with friends :)

  2. I haven’t paid for any games, since I get enough play time still from Angry Birds and several other games from Amazon and GetJar.

    But I totally agree with you on Titanium Backup Pro for the exact same reason. I rooted my ThunderBolt and have fun switching ROMs. (I just switched from Gingeritis 3D to LiquidSmooth and love it!) So Titanium Backup Pro has been a valuable purchase.

    I also had a $2 credit from Amazon Appstore for tweeting. So I used that to buy JuiceDefender Ultimate.

  3. Order and Chaos for my XOOM

  4. i bought spirit HD :)

  5. My last three apps I purchased were Ultimate To-Do list, SlideIT Keyboard, and DoggCatcher podcast player. All of them have been well worth the money.

  6. Battleheart is a great game, and I usually buy all of Gameloft’s games when they go on sale for a dollar.  Also, Great Little War Game, Tasker, and Catan. 

  7. Cut The Rope!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  8. shadowgun

  9. Shadow Gun. It is awesome!

  10. Last night and this morning I purchased: Power Amp Pro, Read It Later, and gReader.

  11. I WANT to buy Scrabble and stop using the fuckin ad-riddled free version.

    My latest notable purchases are Titanium Backup Pro as well and N.O.V.A. 2 HD.

    1. words with friends is free scrabble!

      1. I prefer Scrabble.

        1. Try Word Feud.  I just bought it after using it for over a year (free version). I very rarely buy apps too.  Words With Friends ran like garbage on my Droid.

          1. I second this. WordFeud. Words with Friends is buggy on Android, and Scrabble had polish and potential, but I wound up going back to WordFeud.

          2. Yeap  Word Feud  is much better than Words with Friends. 

    2. N.O.V.A. 2 for me also, forgot about that one.

  12. I bought Duke 3D and promptly returned it :p

    1. Ditto.  I waited till they removed ads to try it too.  But the control is horrible.  I’ll just play it on my computer instead.

  13. WidgetLocker.
    The new ICS-like slider is sooooooo great!

  14. Make Your Clock Widget, Gauge Battery Widget. They are my favorites ;-)

  15. Reddita for Honeycomb. Their ads are not even the least bit intrusive but for such an awesome app, they deserved my $1.55.

  16. I’ve not bought one for a while, but PowerAmp, Titanium Pro, and BeyondPod were my best purchases.  I actually tried out DoggCatcher (mentioned in an earlier comment) for about a week and didn’t like it.  I contacted the developer and he was really nice about refunding me my money.  BeyondPod makes everything automated, even putting a playlist in order based on a predefined queue order you set up, and then it auto-deletes your episodes.  I know DoggCatcher does a lot of the same stuff, but I like BeyondPod’s interface better.

    And then there’s PowerAmp, a requirement if you’re going to play music on your phone.  The most recent update makes it even more awesomer. :)

  17. Asphalt 6 hd for my xoom

  18. Zagat
    TuneIn Radio Pro
    MyBackup Pro
    Documents To Go Full Version

  19. Recent buys for me are: A space shooter, Chainfire 3D Pro, Riptide GP, MiniSquadron, WordWorm and BattleHeart

  20. I’d be more tempted to buy stuff if my phone had any space on it. It’s a shame as I love my little Desire but the space to install stuff is ridiculous.

  21. Mobile Mouse
    cut the rope

  22. FuelLogPro. FuelLog is a great and easy to use free app to track the fuel consumption and total costs of your vehicles. The Pro License Key adds some more nice features. The developer just helped me to import my old data. Recommended

  23. Gurk II.  My poor OG Droid is slowly dying and is need of a serious upgrade.

  24. Most recent was Screencast which is basically video screen capture instead of still images. For rooted phones only. As everyone said, Titanium Backup and ROM Manager are must haves for rooted rom flasher guys.

  25. Cordy, Wind Up Knight, and Uno.  I’ve recently become obsessed with 3D engine gaming (and you can’t pass up a dollar Gameloft deal!)

  26. ROM Manager Pro, Titanium Backup Pro, Fancy Widgets, LazyDroid Server, Root Explorer from the market and Better Keyboard from the Amazon app store.

  27. I’ve bought: Emmisary of War, iReader, Locale, What the Doodle, Duke 3D, and Profile. That’s about it so far.

  28. Shadowgun, Duke Nukem 3D, Great Little War Game, MC2: Black Pegasus, Gorilla Bob THD,  Samurai II THD,

  29. Shadowgun, and 9MM.

  30. Lockio, Plugio, Gameboid, Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, Go SMS, Go Contacts EX, Airport Mania 2, Netflix, Launcher Pro, this list could go on….

    1. Pay apps, dude. 

  31. I’ve still only purchased ONE APP ever. I have a lot of paid apps through Amazon’s free app deal.

    The one app I have purchased is the $5 FlightStats app. Totally worth it for anyone who spends any significant amount of time flying. I have personally witnessed FlightStats update departure and gate information before the airport’s information screens updated. Combined with free app Point Inside, you can plan out layovers and adjust to airline changes really nicely.

    1. Hope you know developers get NOTHING through the free app deal on Amazon. It’s right next door to pirating the app, except worse, because you feel like you own it fair and square.

      1. Yeah, well…I do own it fair and square, because a legitimate business offered it to me for free, and I accepted it. If the developer didn’t want to do that, they didn’t have to. If it were somehow against the app developer’s wishes, they are free to file a lawsuit against the very deep pockets of Amazon. 

      2. Except insanely free word of mouth… not much on business are you?

  32. Swiftkey X and Paper Camera are my newest paid apps.  Of course, I have the usual Launcher Pro, WidgetLocker, Beautiful Widgets, etc.  

  33. The most recent app and an add on for it I have bought is SwipePad and its MoreSpace add on. I absolutely LOVE it. It’s an app switcherlauncher of sorts. 

  34. Prox pro its so badass makes u feel like u have the force

  35. I too have recently purchased titanium backup pro, order and chaos, and I finally broke down and purchased tapatalk as well

  36. JuiceDefender Ultimate on sale for $2 at Amazon.

  37. none

  38. Uber Music, Swift Key X, FriendCaster Pro, & Alarmoid

  39. Blackjack Attack recently updated for honeycomb. Looks great on the tab.

  40. The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE), newly ported to Android.  A MUST HAVE for landscape photographers.  Uses geolocation to draw rays on Google Maps to show sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset positions, and displays the time of each.  Much more.  Long a desktop and iPhone app, finally got ported to our favorite platform.

  41. Smart tools

  42. Shadowgun. I’ll be straight up with everyone, I “acquired it without paying” at first. It was so damned good, I bought it. Madfinger deserves money for that game and it’s worth every penny.

  43. The only App purchase I’ve made in the past month was Duke Nukem 3D

  44. I recommend AnBrain. It’s an intelligent widget that learns from your phone usage.

  45. Aside from the many “free” apps I grab from the Amazon Appstore and/or GetJar, I too used my Amazon credit to buy JuiceDefender, if only for the ability to sync on a schedule. Others I’ve bought in the recent past, DesktopSMS (love it!), Titanium Backup Pro, Read It Later, Tapatalk.

    Free paid apps from GetJar include Unlock with Wifi and TuneIn Radio Pro. The huge downside to getting apps from their site is that they still have no way of handling updates. I mean they don’t even show the version numbers on their site if you wanted to check manually. Serious pain in the a**. Still worth a look.

  46. Flick Golf, Samurai 2, BeWeather and Panorama 

  47. LauncherPro Plus, Air Attack HD, Plants vs. Zombies (amazon app store), Kittehface Software live wallpapers, WiFi File Explorer Pro, Office Suite Pro, Fancy Widgets

  48. Shadowgun and Defenders HD. Pretty impressed with Shadowgun. Looking forward to some multiplayer action with Defenders HD.

  49. SwiftKey X

  50. Ive bought quite a few, but I’ll tell you one app I would pay money for if only they fixed the bugs that infest the current version: phandroid 0.0

  51. I mainly use my droid for business and travel.  Currently trying out the Going The Distance app instead of always having to use Google Maps.

  52. last app i brought was twisted lands shadow town when it was on sale before Halloween.

  53. Quicker, SwipePad Apps Addon, Business Calender, bunny Shooter (world 3), Jet Car Stunts, Shift Puzzle game, etc.

  54. Finally bought Tapatalk, as the price came down to something I consider reasonable.

  55. only have 2 paid apps – ADW EX and ROM Toolbox. (I’m an app cheapskate :P)

  56. I’m considering getting PowerAMP soon, but I’m pretty happy with PlayerPro so I don’t know if I will.

  57. Dude, get that power amp

  58. Great Little War Game, some CM 7 Theme I forget the name.

  59. Autodesk SBM. Drawing app for tablet. Now just need a capacitive pen.

  60. Tablet Talk…syncs my HD2 (Android of course) and GSlate. I can send and receive sms using my phone’s # & it also shows who’s calling my phone while I’m on my tablet so i can decide if i need to grab my phone or not! Love it!

  61. Amazon free app of the day gives the developer a little free advertising, alot of businesses give samples away to get the word out. And it is only free for one day.

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