Samsung Italy Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich for Note, S II and Tab in 2012


It’s been on many of our reader’s minds and it looks like Samsung Italy is confirming which of their devices will see an Android 4.0 update in 2012. Here’s the full list as it stands:

  • Galaxy SII
  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9
  • Galaxy Tab 7.7
  • Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Looks like Samsung is looking to turn around their reputation of providing poor software support on some of their “older” devices. Oh – and just because your Samsung device didn’t make this list, doesn’t mean there’s no hope. This is just a confirmed list of devices, per Samsung. But, it’s very likely Android 4.0 could be the final update for these devices as OEM’s don’t usually update more than once and rarely (if ever?) more than twice. In other words, don’t go complaining if these devices don’t see the rumored Jelly Bean update — ya heard?

[Via AndroidHD]

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  1. Glad to know my galaxy tab will get an update

    1. Don’t believe it until you see it.

  2. With the super short release cycle Google is using, I’d like to see more devices get the update. Hell, my Mesmerize (US Cellular’s Galaxy S) just came out a year ago. I would be very disappointed if it doesn’t receive ICS (though I have a haunting suspicion it will given that no one ever thought it would get official Gingerbread, but it just popped up one day well before Verizon got it out on their Fascinate, which has identical hardware (they even share the SCH-i500 model number).

  3. Yeah, 4th quarter of 2012

    1. so far that’s Samsung’s record. US Galaxy S still do not have Gingerbread yet, and it’s been a year. Lame!

      1. Read a few posts down. US Cellular’s Mesmerize (a Galaxy S phone) got official gingerbread earlier this summer in the US. The only thing holding these phones back from 2.3 is the carriers taking their damn time adding and testing their bloatware (which US Cellular doesn’t really add, save for 3 apps). Also, I am pretty sure the Captivate (AT&T’s version) has received official GB.

        1. Nope still no official GB for Captivate. There have been numerous leaks, but nothing official.

    2. i hope that it will come to us in april 2012,that would be great!!!
      and also for the Galaxy S I9000!!! found here:

    3. Just in time for me to leave my contract. Galaxy Note, you will be mine, with ICS.

  4. That’s a start for the Galaxy S II, but the next question is how slowly that’ll trickle down through the different GS2 “flavors” – there’s 3 major custom variants in the US alone and I’m not sure how much customization, if any, other carriers do to the international version.

  5. jealous!

  6. If it’s Samsung Italy wouldn’t it be Gelato Sandwich?

      1. In Italian it would be closer to… “un panino di gelato”

        1. In America its “english or gtfo”

        2. I would say “Gelato Biscotto” that’s the common name we gave to ice creams like “Cucciolone” or “Maxibon”

  7. If the Nexus S is getting it, the Galaxy S should too the hardware is equivalent. ICS already looks a lot like touchwiz, so there isn’t any need for it. Stock is fine.

  8. Sticking to my Xoom. Hopefully I’ll get ICS first, though the Galaxy Tab did beat us to LTE……..

  9. Any chance of it coming for Samsung’s Sidekick 4g (or at least Gingerbread?)

  10. I don’t see anything official from Samsung here, nor at any of the 20-30 other blogs (like this one) parroting an italian blog that made the original claim (and they didn’t back it up with anything either). I think you bloggers need to learn to factcheck before you post…

  11. the real question is “WHEN” will the US variants get ICS? Im sure samsung will get the update ready, however the carriers will probably delay it for who knows how long. I have the Epic Touch, and I’m almost certain Sprint will delay it until after the Evo3D gets it. Wouldn’t surprise me, if that is the case i’ll root.

  12. Yeah, Samsung also promised Gingerbread for Galaxy S devices but I haven’t seen it as of yet. Which is exactly why I didn’t buy the Galaxy S II. I’m just going to start getting the Nexus phone or android so that I know they will be updated in a timely fashion or switch to Iphone

  13. I’m so excited about this update and more excited that Samsung is following through with their updates. I have the Galaxy S2 and I know some people that have the Galaxy 1 and still have 2.2..I hope that this is more than just word but hope this really happens..

  14. Makes me want the Galaxy Note even more now!

  15. Samsung’s London event for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus was top notch. However, the Nexus was announced with ICS (Android 4.0) but the Note presentation (with Android 2.3 per the Samsung web site) did not discuss it’s OS as a political favor to the Google’s Galaxy Nexus phone. This news that ICS will be available on the Note in 2012 is great news.
    These Samsung presentations just blew away any idea that Windows Phone or the iPhone will ever catch up to Android on Samsung products. The iPhone had a chance if the new unit (the 4S) had gone to a 3X Retina display (1440×960 at 5.25 inches) instead of staying with the 2X Retina display (960×640 at 3.5 inches ) currently being used.
    My view of Microsoft’s Windows Phone is that it is still a laggard after 3-years. It is advancing at a snails pace, the hardware is obsolete, and still only for enterprises and not the consumer.
    Congratulations to Android and Samsung. I would expect the Galaxy Note with Android 4.0 to be top gear. Hopefully, more emphasis will be placed on incorporation of GPS, GALILEO, and GLONASS hardware simultaneously for more accurate location data (compared to cell phone tower locations) in line with U.S. Federal Communication Commission directives, sooner, rather than later.

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