HTC Raider Headed to Rogers with LTE


The HTC Raider (aka HTC Holiday) hasn’t been made official for any North American regions just yet, but we can likely add one more to the list. The Raider, an Android 2.3 device boasting a 4.5-inch qHD display, will bring its LTE radio to Rogers in Canada, making it among the network’s first devices to use the next-gen 4G technology. Rumors originating at MobileSyrup state that the Raider could be available as soon as November 1st.

For those looking to activate a new plan with Rogers, here is a great deal. Starting up a new family plan with at least two lines supporting voice and data will be eligible to receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 free of charge. Not a bad time to consider your network options if happen to reside north of the border.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. FYI I don’t think you closed your ( ) in the first sentence :)

  2. Will the US ever get incentives like these? First Orange in UK with a free xbox360 w/ purchase of Nokia Lumia 800 and now a free galaxy tab in Canada. Any love US carriers???

  3. Sexy. Can’t wait for rezound!

  4. Its a really awesome looking phone. What I’ve noticed is Sprint and T-Mobile come put with flag ship phones like the EVO 3d and sensation. Then ATT and Verizon come out with ones that are a little better like the HTC EVO then Verizon came out with the thunderbolt a few months after.

  5. Free 1 mb of data if you purchase a family plan with 56 members on verizon.

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