Samsung Galaxy Note Ad Further Shows How Creativity Can Be Expressed [Video]


Samsung’s quietly posted their first ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note, the 5.3 inch slate phone being marketed toward those who like to draw or who just want a great productivity device period. In this spot, they showcase how someone can extend a photo using a capacitive stylus and their imagination. They also show you can outline anything in a photo and cut it out then paste it into a different photo. If I were half as skilled as whoever can use these things in these ways I’d probably already be lining up for one. Watch the spot above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Great advert

  2. Give this thing Ice Cream Sandwich, and I’m sold!

    1. Im pretty sure the Galaxy Note will get ICS eventually.

  3. I would love this size phone and the pen. Wish it were coming to US.

  4. Went to samsung website. No real news. Seems to be releasing in uk Nov 1St. With ics, would the camera have no shutter lag? Is that a component of ics or just of the nexus?

  5. don’t understand why this is not coming to the states

  6. Does it have NFC? A MicroSD slot?

  7. Get that thing in my hand asap Samsung! bring to US please!

  8. Galaxy Nexus and then this if it ever comes to states. CM9 on this monster? Hell yea

  9. wait its not coming to the us? i would import it lol…

    wanna feel it in my hand first but still 5.3 is sick

  10. Samsung pushed the Note through The FCC for HSPA+ (for AT&T) some weeks ago, so they’re obviously at least thinking about bring it stateside.

    The battle for my next phone is between this and the Galaxy Nexus…I wonder how the Note’s camera compares with the Galaxy Nexus’ camera (automatic deduction for anyone that just assumes the Note’s camera is superior based on being 8mp, vs. 5mp of the Nexus).

    1. Good news. I am very psyched about the note. I’m ready to get an unlocked GSM and put it on AT&T, Tmo, or Walmart’s resold Tmo. But when I checked eBay the only one there wanted $979 for it. Wow, I’ll have to wait at least a couple months for that price to drop out of the stratosphere!

  11. 5.3 is getting too large for a smartphone imho. It’s almost tablet size and I guess it’s ok if you’re not a guy and don’t need to stick it in your pocket. (I don’t see anyone clipping this on their belt!) Personally I think the 4.6″ phones out now are the limit I would want for a phone. I remember back in the “feature phone” days, everyone wanted smaller phones and the Razr was the hottest device on the market. Nobody cares about that anymore and before you know it, people will be holding up 7″ phones to their ears and looking a damn fool! Keep them below 5″ and I’ll continue to buy them, anything over that might as well be a tablet.

    1. It never fails that someone always comes along and says “5.3 is too big for a smartphone.” If 5.3 is too big for you fine – don’t buy it. But stop trying to make your personal preferences the “smart phone standard “. That’s the great thing about Android is that it supports multiple form factors to fit everyone’s needs.

      1. Agreed. I’d buy the shit outta this thing. Especially with that SAMOLED HD screen omgz!

        I’d hope it’d come with plenty of onboard storage as well as a microSD slot or two though.

    2. nah, i think it’s fine. After playing around with my ipad 2 for a while, I can’t get used to my galaxy s’ size. I wish it was a tad bigger, and 5.3 sounds great.

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