Official Galaxy Nexus Multimedia Dock and Vehicle Mount Appear Online For Pre-Order


A pair of Samsung OEM accessories for the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus (i515) appeared for sale online. Well, almost appeared seeing how there are no actual images of the accessories. The Samsung multimedia dock ($69) and vehicle mount ($50) are both up for pre-order with an “expected” release date of November 21st. This gives us another clue on when to expect the actual device to launch on Verizon seeing how the dock is specifically made for the slightly thicker i515.

The dock accessory was actually spotted for a brief moment during the joint Google/Samsung Nexus event and connects via the 3 connector pins found on the side of the device. The MSRP on both these accessories sound a bit steep for a man of my means but as you can see, retailers will most likely be offering them at varying discounts.

[Via WirelessGoodness]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Does anybody sees that the phone connects to the left of the phone, while the
    three connector dots are on the right, beneath the power butten

    1. Yeah, I was wondering that too.. probably just poor graphic design..

      1. It still concerns me that the dock connectors are on the same side as the power button. How will I wake the device if the power is facing down into the dock?

        1. Perhaps you press the whole phone, or maybe the dock has a built in button, or makes the screen touch to wake.

          1. Ha! I like that idea. Just kinda press down on the whole phone like a snooze bar on those old alarm clocks!

      2. I wonder if NFC has anything to do with it. Of course thats unlikely but you never know what they haven’t announced yet

        as far as the dock goes, the galaxy sii accessories Sammy makes includes a dock similar to this one except its a triangular one, it blocks the volume buttons and has buttons on the physical dock itself. this could likely be the same case for the G-Nex

        oh the unanswered questions

        1. Ye it will probably have a wake/power button on the dock I guess

  2. will the vehicle dock fit the GSM version?

    1. Doubt it, and I definitely wouldn’t chance it.

      I am getting this phone from Verizon, but I’ll wait for the dock and mount to appear somewhere else at a discount. Verizon prices on accessories are always steep because they can get people to buy them as they make their phone purchases in-store.

  3. Wonder if there is an hdmi output on the mm dock.

  4. Razor has better accessory than nexus. What is up with that? I guess Motorola was bought by Google.

    1. It takes years too make a product. Google has not yet acquired Motorola. That process takes time.

    2. I am sure that a vehicle mount was the first thing on googles to do list once they bought MM

  5. It’s not in my Samsung.

  6. Dang. 50 bucks for a vehicle mount. I thought $30 for the mount for my moto droid was rough.

  7. I hope the phone isn’t released on the 21st!

  8. Hoping for a bundle at some point.

  9. $69 is so pricey… just to be able to do HDMI out which many other phones have built right into the phone. That sucks, but I’m still getting the Galaxy Nexus.

    1. Same here. HDMI is a very nice feature that I would love to have, but to me, getting updates immediately and long-lasting support is more important. If I decide down the road that I really want HDMI, I’ll buy the dock. As for the car dock, I’m going to be buying it pretty much right away.

      1. What about MHL or whatever? That will allow HDMI output but you can still charge at the same time, correct?

        1. Yes and the SGS2 is MHL so I would assume that there next phone the Gnex would have it as well. Of course for the charging to work your TV has to be MHL compliant as well and so far there are none. It’s a new tech and will catch soon enough. pretty nice to have one less port on your phone.

  10. All this post did was boost the SEO for the retailer. You played right into their little game.

  11. Well it’s on sale for 50 and 35, which if my memory serves me correctly is cheaper than what I paid for my Nexus One’s accessories.

    I guess the only two questions that remain for me are a) How legit is this website? b) Will it work on any other version other than the Verizon one (seeing how the Verizon/LTE version is supposed to be a little thicker).

  12. WOOHOO! I can’t wait for all these cool new docks and accessories to show up at a store near me, just like they did for my Nexus S!!!

    Oh, wait…

  13. The funny thing is that the Cartronics site has a variety of accessories with a variety of dates, e.g. spare batteries with an expected release date of 12/19/11, and a case with an expected release date of 10/19/11 (yeah, a week ago!) that we can “Preorder now!”.

    We obviously can’t put any stock (no pun intended) in these dates. All we can do is keep chewing our nails to the bone while we wait as fast possible for Big Red to get off its butt and make an official announcement.

  14. I really just want one damn standard for dock connections. C’mon, OEMs. You figured out how to standardize the charging cable for the most part (micro-USB), and I really want more cool stuff for my Android devices!

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