Oct 25th, 2011

A pair of Samsung OEM accessories for the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus (i515) appeared for sale online. Well, almost appeared seeing how there are no actual images of the accessories. The Samsung multimedia dock ($69) and vehicle mount ($50) are both up for pre-order with an “expected” release date of November 21st. This gives us another clue on when to expect the actual device to launch on Verizon seeing how the dock is specifically made for the slightly thicker i515.

The dock accessory was actually spotted for a brief moment during the joint Google/Samsung Nexus event and connects via the 3 connector pins found on the side of the device. The MSRP on both these accessories sound a bit steep for a man of my means but as you can see, retailers will most likely be offering them at varying discounts.

[Via WirelessGoodness]

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