Oct 21st, 2011

The guys over at Macberry were able to get their hands on the new BBX 2.0 developer beta for the BlackBerry Playbook. Besides the more of the same QNX UI we’re used to seeing on the tablet, we get another glimpse at Android apps running smooth as butter on the device. In the video you can see a folder marked “Android Apps” and inside we find Gmail, IMDb, Amazon Kindle, Google Places and a few others. The apps seem to work great with only one force close rearing its head (something we’re used to with Android) and everything opened up nice and quick.

Call me crazy but I’ve always had a soft spot for the BlackBerry Playbook. I’ve always felt like it was a solid device with great hardware and the OS seemed intuitive as well (love those gestures). Last we heard from RIM, Android app support was pushed back until the end of this year but now that it is in developer hands, hopefully it wont be too much longer before the Android apps are running rampant. The future is still very much uncertain for the Playbook, if the introduction of Android apps doesn’t help it pick up steam — there’s always a fire sale.

[MacBerry via BGR]

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