Android 4.0 SDK Ported to Nexus One, Doesn’t Perform Terribly Bad [Video]


One drl337md from YouTube coyly posted a video showing off a Nexus One running Android 4.0. It’s an SDK port, and as such things likely aren’t all where they need to be. Despite that fact, and despite the fact that the Nexus One is considered outdated up against today’s high-end phones, the results didn’t seem all that bad. Perhaps with a bit of optimization Google certainly will be able to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the Nexus One. At the very least, we’re happy the community will at least try. Check above for the full video.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. One word: CM9. That is all

    1. I agree. They said they would be releasing to AOSP soon which means the Cyanogen team will be working it. I am still getting the GNex, I just hoped for a lot more.

  2. Ohhh there is hope for my aging N1..yet I am still gonna get the GNexus

    1. I’m going to buy a used N1 one of these days. I can’t even use it on Verizon but I just love that phone.

      1. You know, I was considering buying a used one too, and then getting that new $30 t-mo plan. But I’m amazed at how expensive the N1 still is…

        1. Yeah it looks like they are all still 200 and up from what I’ve been seen. I mean, I got the OG Incredible so I have the next closest thing on Verizon but it’s just not the same. Who know you could have sentimental attachment to a phone you’ve never owned.

        2. Ill sell you mine 150.

        3. I’m currently using a rooted Captivate, but I still have and use my Nexus One, so I’m not surprised at all(Not even the most brainwashed IOS fanboy would pay even $100 for an original iPhone!). That’s the very example I use to show my peers how valuable/desirable the pure Google experience is! If the carriers ever got a real clue, they’d ALL have a Nexus/”Vanilla” Android phone in their lineup. IMO, it would probably be their best seller.

          1. the original iphone is like 4 years old now the Nex1 is like a year and a half idk many people who would pay a $100 for a 4 year old smartphone

      2. I dont know why but me too. I love the Nexus one a lot! I am going to but one because it is still Google’s official phone and i am going to start to read sdk so i need the Nexus as my dev phone. Ps. i have the evo 3d which is more then twice as fast, better camera, and bigger screen and there is still some weird appeal that i have to the N1 lol

      3. gonna be selling mine once i get the new nexus. 150 with a cracked screen. cost around 25 to get a new screen just gotta have someone put it on. i just dont have the balls to take my phone apart lol

  3. It’ll be much, much better when the source code is released.

  4. ICS will be on everything one way or another. This is awesome.

  5. Isn’t it a 3.x kernel on the ICS ? The video is showing a 2.6.x kernelhttp://

    1. The Linux 3 is just a continuation of Linux 2.6. Everyone just got bored of naming the next release 2.6.X.Y (and then distributions appended a “-Z” for their in house bug fixes). It was getting ridiculous!

    2. it’s 2.6.x because that is the version in the SDK emulator. Real ICS has a 3.x.x

  6. Throw this away please!

  7. Show me it running on a G1 and i’ll be impressed.

    1. they already did honeycomb on the g1 so ics shouldn’t be hard

  8. Great so see it…i bet my Nexus One still has a ton of miles ahead ;)

  9. I was a bit disappointed and sad when I began reading from other sites that N1 may not get the ICS due to the gpu issue, I guess there is hope then. Please…

  10. That’s why I loved the Nexus 1. It was my first Android phone. *brings back memories*

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