New Pics of The HTC Rezound Surface – This Time In Case Promo Shot


Remember this little guy? I know all of the news of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus event may have gotten us side-tracked for a bit but let’s take a break for a minute to remember the HTC Rezound (formerly Vigor). The device managed to pop-up on a cellphone accessory site giving us a much clearer look at the devices form factor (with a case on) and — oh look! Red capacitive buttons.

I’m sure this device is still on more than a few people’s minds, even after the joint Samsung/Google announcement last night. The device features a similar spec’d 720p screen and some of those “new” features Google announced last night for ICS (yeah, I said it). Sense has been doing a great job at filing the void with camera filters and their own core Sense apps. Anyone still interested in the HTC Rezound?

[HTCPedia via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
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  1. yes, very. Arrive soon.

  2. I’m looking forward for this phone

  3. Still has my interest

  4. Only because Im hoping this drives the price of the incredible 2 down… I need to buy a bunch of budget 4 in phones!!

  5. I want this more than the Nexus that’s for sure. I can wait for ICS if it doesn’t come with it. This is just as nice with a nice camera too.

  6. Its just a a Droid Incredible with a new look

    1. Yeah, you’re right, don’t buy it. . .

      I may buy it because I don’t have the 4g 720p “incredible” like “Tiggr” does.

  7. Hells yea CC!!! I want my SD card, sense, sense widgets!! HTC/Sense>Samsung’s whatever hip named phone they are selling!!

    1. You do realize that the Galaxy Nexus is a vanilla phone without customization right?

      1. Exactly my point. Personal preference and all :)

    2. Have fun with sense

      1. I will, Thanks!!

    3. @ NightAngel79
      I am not going back to sense after my sensation, it’s nice for like a month.

      1. Been sporting sense since the Incredible was first released. That’s 18(ish) months and still no complaints :)

  8. Yes. I think its better than the razr and prime

  9. I think its better than the razr and prime

  10. looks good but still not worth getting over the prime

  11. I’ll take two plz. Sorry Nexus.

  12. I am.. but not quite as much as I was before seeing ICS. I’d definitely take Sense over Motoblur…

  13. Wow. Verizon is getting three super-high-end smartphones in quick succession. This is totally unfair to us T-Mobile users. I might switch over once my contract is up in a year though, depending on how much tmo improves their coverage. I almost never get HSPA+ indoors with my G2 and my friend with a Bionic gets his LTE in the center of our school library, where I usually don’t get service.

    1. You realize the HTC Amaze 4G is the Tmo version of this phone, right? The at&t version will be the holiday. One big difference is the Verizon Rezound will be pushing out a 720p display with the same processor, in my opinion that may compromise performance in the device because that same processor running in my Amaze with its qHD display works buttery smooth. When you’re indoors, just use wifi calling.

  14. No, I pre-ordered my thunderbolt and would still be running 2.2, if I wasn’t rooted. To top it off they haven’t released the source code either. HTC shows no love for their Verizon phones (Eris, incredible took six months to upgrade to 2.2), I’m done with HTC.

    1. That’s Verizons fault as much as it is HTC’s.

    2. 2.3 has been out for a month or so on the Thunderbolt

      1. No it hasn’t it was buggy so the pulled it

        1. Your statement contradicts it’s self. If you have a thunderbolt and don’t have 2.3 on it, your own fault.

          I have two thunderbolts one with stock htc 2.3 and one with 2.3/Sense 3.0 rom. Both work great and have been bug free for me.

    3. Incredible took four months to update to 2.2, the Incredible 2 took 2 1/2 months to go to 2.3.3, then a month later to 2.3.4. The only real slow updates from HTC has been the GB for the Inc1 and Tbolt.

  15. I like it but it would be a back up to my Galaxy Nexus.

  16. so this has a 4.5 inch screen 1.5 dual core 8mp and 1.3 camera + beats and beats headphones right?

    1. Beats audio not speakers and might come with headphones

  17. Unfortunately it looks like the Rezound is going to be even chunkier then the Thunderbolt. I LOVE my DINC 2 but I’m ready to try out a Nexus device now that its coming to VZW

  18. This is my next phone…..my contract’s up in December, and unless something better comes along, I’m so here.

  19. Yes, more than interested in some real innovation. I’m quite pissed at the junk Samsung just brought to the table..

    1. Tell’em why you mad son!

    2. But this isn’t junk okkayyy?

  20. I’ll pass sense ice will take forever to come to HTC sense phones,

  21. Nope :) Not a chance after all those TB horror stories. HTC phones aren’t getting ICS anytime soon either

  22. Hmmmm…..Ice Cream Sandwich or GTFOH!

  23. I’ve only had HTC phones, maybe the Rezound will be a nice middle ground between the Nexus and RAZR. But it’s looking too big too late, and the new name is terrible.

  24. As much as I love the red accents and incredible 2esque design, I might have to go with the Prime.

  25. yes! getting her on release day from my store before we even put them into inventory…lol

  26. I’m so sick of HTC! All their phones look the same, if you were to lay them all on a table you would only be able to point out the Eris and Hero. Not to mention HTC Sense UI ruins Android. Waiting for an update to the next Android operating system? Don’t waste your time because by the time they figure out how to gut it and make it work with Sense the next phone that looks exactly the same will be on its way. Oh and it will still be on an old version of Android.

    1. Hey read my comment the under Daniel G. lol…now what phone company do you think has style?

    2. would you like some cheese?

  27. This has been a rough ride. First quarter, I couldn’t wait until the Bionic was released. It took forever and when it came, better things were on the close horizon. Now we have the RAZR, Rezound, and Galaxy Nexus. I wanted the (Vigor) after hearing about it, but as of now, it’s definitely the Nexus.

    I don’t see a thing about the Rezound that stands out anymore. I was rooting for HTC too.

  28. I swear if somebody else says HTC phones look the same I will stab somebody. I just need to emphasize this a little more. HTC IS THE ONLY PHONE COMPANY THAT HAS PHONES THAT LOOK DIFFERENT! MOTOROLA IS RIGHT BEHIND THEM IN DESIGN. SAMSUNG PHONE ALL LOOK THE SAME FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BLACK PLASTIC!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE. ALL THE SAME SO STFU!

    1. HTC phones all look the same….why you get mad over that is for a different time

      1. Its just annoying everybody bashing htc for something that they actually do right…is the hardware…you have to admit that htc phones look different. They are black, red/black, red, silver, white, grey, purple and the body styles are all unique in their own way…..and you must admit that ALL samsung phones look the same. 4.5 inch screen/black/thin/plastic..i just described the whole galaxy s line of phone (but the first series had a 4 inch screen) need i say more? lol

        1. Like I said above I owned a thunderbolt and it was horrible…sense UI is intrusive as hell, the build quality was horrible, battery life sucked, and HTC puts out the same phone under different names where as Samsung has the galaxy series so obviously its going to be the same phone across the board….HTC is more jumbled pretty much flood the market with devices

          1. i own an Incredible and its wonderful…soooooo what’s your point?

        2. They’re all rectangles. They need to throw some triangles into the mix o_O

          1. noo..i want circles

  29. i think i’ll pass. Galaxy Nexus and Nexus phones only for me from now on =)

  30. Well lets see battery life will probably suck, build quality will probably suck, updates will probably suck, so i think I’ll pass on this one….and before you HTC fanboys get on me I owned a thunderbolt at one time and it sucked and so Sid sense

    1. if you like sense, you like sense, if you don’t, you don’t. my Incredible’s battery life is fine, the build quality is outstanding. of course, if you don’t do any research before you buy your phone, there’s always a chance you get stuck with a crappy one. i believe the thunderbolt was originally pegged as another 3G phone, but with LTE on the horizon and HTC needing their own LTE flagship, it was rushed and suffered because of it. Inc/Inc2 are both pretty outstanding phones, and it seems like loads of people love the EVOs. Sounds like you just had a bad experience with a bad phone.

  31. No matter what they look like HTC does not support their phones enough. even if they do update to the latest version of Android, they leave you with an out dated sense.Eris was not updated to sense 2.0, Incredible stuck with sense 2.0, thunderbolt stuck on sense 2.1 .. And I bet these month old devices with sense 3.0 will never see an official 3.5 update.

  32. I like HTC but their designs are getting too redundant.

    1. what would you like to be different?

  33. This is looking like the #1 phone for me. It’s got great specs, I don’t mind waiting for ICS to work the bugs out(there are always bugs), and I love the look of this phone. Even the accessories look awesome. I just wish they would promote it more and leak some more tidbits to keep people hyped. I’ve got about 10 gigs of music waiting on this thing to blow my eardrums out..lol.

  34. Definitely going with the Nexus and ICS. There is no substitute for a nexus device, they get the fastest updates. I’m glad not everybody agrees… More ice cream for me!

  35. @Blackthamos
    It’ll be a long wait google will probably be on jelly bean by then, and if you think they will release without bugs you have your head in the skies. Thunderbolt released with a reboot bug and ,Thunderbolt gingerbread update was pulled because HTC introduced a new bug voice mail notifications. Enough said

  36. 3 choices… i know im getting galaxy witch one for my wifey hmmmm

  37. Sense needs a makeover.

  38. My point is that I’ve owned all of HTC’s phones with Verizon. eris horrible, incredible ok, my wife’s incredible2, is good but its a mid range phone. It you want that good. Thunderbolt horrible. Not a sense hater at all but don’t like that HTC leaves you waiting, and leaves you with outdated sense features. The only phone they keep up to date is the nexus one:)

  39. Where’s the new LG device?

  40. Wow this thing is a beauty. I say this because I am a HUGE fan of the Chicago Bulls, and basically any color combination of red/white/black gets me excited. Looks amazing.

  41. If it has NFC its all mine! I own Sensation and I see many things that are new to ICS, already in Sense. Camera filtrs are even much better. We have that “new” people/contacts in one place. Uniform beautiful UI. And when they combine ICS and Sense 3.5 this will be gorgeous. I like HTC camera, but wait for them to buy Nikon…

  42. D rose!

  43. Maybe. I dont care about ICS that much. Gingerbread works well for me. And I like having SD Card. BUT Whats the thickness and weight of this…and what is the battery life compared to a Nexus? Those answers will determine which phone I get.

    Frankly I’d probably buy the Razr but w/o a removable battery – no way!

  44. If it has NFC, I want. I don’t care about ICS, got ICS roms :D

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