Oct 18th, 2011

It’s a feature many rooted and Sense 3.0 users take for granted. Screen capture. The ability to take a snap shot of whatever is displayed on your screen is not only fun for sharing (or boasting) but crucial for sites like FU Autocorrect.com. I can’t tell you exactly why it took Google so long to get on the ball but it seems they’re finally implementing native screen capture in the soon to be announced Ice Cream Sandwich. The boys over at AndroidPolice did some digging around and they found some code indicating that all it will take is a simple press of both the volume down + power button and BOOM. It’s never been easier to post your pimped-out homescreens on Facebook for all your iPhone friends to drool over.

1 feature down. __ more to go. I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am for tomorrow’s event. Any other features you guys are looking forward to (or hoping to see) when Google Claus pulls Ice Cream Sandwich out of his bag tomorrow? I wish Google would take it one step further and add native video (with sound) capture. Now that would be something!

[Via AndroidPolice]