Ice Cream Sandwich To Support Native Screen Capture


It’s a feature many rooted and Sense 3.0 users take for granted. Screen capture. The ability to take a snap shot of whatever is displayed on your screen is not only fun for sharing (or boasting) but crucial for sites like FU Autocorrect.com. I can’t tell you exactly why it took Google so long to get on the ball but it seems they’re finally implementing native screen capture in the soon to be announced Ice Cream Sandwich. The boys over at AndroidPolice did some digging around and they found some code indicating that all it will take is a simple press of both the volume down + power button and BOOM. It’s never been easier to post your pimped-out homescreens on Facebook for all your iPhone friends to drool over.

1 feature down. __ more to go. I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am for tomorrow’s event. Any other features you guys are looking forward to (or hoping to see) when Google Claus pulls Ice Cream Sandwich out of his bag tomorrow? I wish Google would take it one step further and add native video (with sound) capture. Now that would be something!

[Via AndroidPolice]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Don’t care for claus, but I’m eager to see what ICS will be like, and how much this phone will cost. The Droid RAZR looks extra slick, gonna pay attention to both phones, but I think I want a google phone so I don’t have to wait for updates longer than it takes google to release them.

    1. yea..as much as some other phones are really tempting to get…i can’t stray away from full goog experience phones..just kuz it runs better and it gets updates quick

    2. i was set on the Nexus, but being an OG Droid owner, i cant rule out the RAZR. we’ll see tomorrow…

      1. If you have an OG Droid then the Nexus will be the perfect phone for you.

  2. Just cant wait to get rid of my OG droid, its been a good two years but its on its last legs. FYI i have dropped this phone over 50 times over the years and it has a few scratches and thats it. I just hope ICS is smooth and the battery life on the Nexus is better than some reports have been.

    1. Going from Motorola to Samsung will be risky

      1. Ya your probably a little right on that but the Galaxy s II seems like a great phone from what I’ve seen and read. So far from the Razr i’m not to impressed but will reserve full out judgement until tomorrow. I don’t like that big hump they have been putting in their phones since the droid x. The Nexus’s hump doesn’t look so ridicules.

        1. In the end they are limited by the technology they have at hand and the speaker and camera are what makes the hump because the technology isn’t there to have them be much smaller.

    2. I submerged my OG Droid in 4 feet of water and after spending a few days in the sun, it worked fine. It will be bittersweet retiring this thing. I feel like it belongs in a museum of badassed things, right next to the Solid Snake exhibit.

    3. My Droid, which I babied and never, ever dropped, just stopped working exactly 18 months into my contract. It was just as well – the volume control had long since stopped working, and the headphone jack put out more static than music (these are common hardware failures for that phone, I gather).

      Motorola seems to have gotten its act together on the Bionic, though.

  3. It’s funny… During the day when I’m using my phone there’s soooooo many things I always say and wish it could do. Now that I want to name some I can’t think of any. I just hope ics is more solid and stable.

    1. That was me while I writing this post! LOL I should start taking notes throughout my day =p

  4. This feature is already available on the galaxy S2

    1. True story. Home + Power give a screen shot on my stock/non-rooted Epic 4G Touch.

      1. Woah! I didn’t know that!!! I just tested it on my T-Mobile Galaxy S2 and it works as well!!

        1. My old vibrant did it a few times… i never knew how. but i had a folder with screen capture in my gallery

  5. Cant wait to get my hands on the 3rd Nexus and ICS……..

  6. Doesn’t Honeycomb already do this?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I know my tablet does native screen shots…

  7. Outside of being a developer or tech support, when would you ever use this feature? I have a Sensation 4G, and Transformer and never use screen capture.

    1. when your friends phone auto-corrected him in a funny way

  8. damn, i still need to wait until 29th of Dec :(

  9. Really, I just want hardware acceleration, a more optimized os, and for all of Google’s services to be better integrated. Oh! And for the dialer to work more like HTC where you just use the dial pad to enter a contacts name

    1. I’ve been doing this on my OG droid for a long ass time now. More like ROOT FTW!! Rooted people, check out the app Screencast for video screen captures.

  10. I’d like the Android team to fix WiFi so it’s at least of the standard of iOS1 (ability to add authenticated proxies per WiFi connection that all apps use, working enterprise connection support, etc). Would seem to be a no-brainer if they want to go after the enterprise market (or even university students) but I’m not holding my breath.

  11. i sure don’t take it for granted, i use it everyday with my tweets :D
    but yes, i’m really glad everyone else is getting it, i remember how i used to think it was absurd how my iPod was a little ahead of my Moto

  12. G2x did it native on 2.2 suckas!

  13. i have screen capture app i bought on the marketplace…always comes in handy

  14. for my atrix

  15. Native screen grabber excellent video would be a cherry on top of that ICS

  16. Oh! This will have big effects on MyColorscreen.com :)

  17. Screen Capture is nothing new for Samsung! All the Galaxy S2 phones do it, as well as the Charge….so not necessarily just an ICS thing. Could just be a Prime thing with ICS.

  18. I use screen capture (screenshot) to show off my slick rooted custom rom layouts. But I guess it’s a nice feature for mere phone mortals… LOL

  19. @ Chris Chavez WHat is native video? I’m an android fan but i dont know alot of the technical terms

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  21. I can’t wait! Glad I held on to my DX. If you have to wait I found a site that has the Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers. It is formatted for mobile so installing them is easy. It also has a ton of other good wallpapers as well. http://www.freedroidwallpaper.com

  22. Easier way to toggle Bluetooth for music, better mms integration, group chat, better photo gallery, better control over things in the pull down like pandora and others

  23. thanx for info, but as for me, i prefer to use this tool http://www.macvide.com/Macvide_screencap/, it’s simple and nice!)

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