Nexus Prime Appears in RadioShack’s Cellebrite System


Both Verizon and Best Buy started showing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in their Cellebrite system’s last week, and now RadioShack has joined in on the fun. Listing the Samsung SCH-I515 once again as the Nexus Prime, confusion remains on whether or not the handset will be released in some capacity under the name. There is no confusion about whether or not the Shack will be selling the handset, however, after this shot was smuggled out from behind the retail counter. At this point we’re just biding time with these last minute leaks. The real deal will be here in less than 48 hours.

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  1. I know it’s been rumored, but any word on vzw getting plain-old ICS or will it be ‘verizoned’?

    1. That appears to be the million dollar question… though given the fact that so many different names are being thrown around, I fear the latter…

    2. I’m pretty sure DL confirmed that it will be bloat-free, pure vanilla, for the first time on big Red!

      1. OG Droid had no bloatware. It was essentially the first “Nexus” phone.

        1. Actually the first “Nexus” phone was the Nexus One… But if you mean the first stock android phone with no bloat, that was the real OG, the G1. ;-)

  2. Why would Radio Shack be inventorying all these other 2+ year old phones that they don’t sell anymore. Is this SCH-i515 photoshoped into an old photo?

    1. Good catch! I had (have) the i730 and the i760 & the i910… those Fu*&^%s are OLD! My 3 phones leading up to the OG Droid!

      1. I’m still rocking an i760! I need this new nexus phone to come now!!

        1. I loved that phone when it came out! The Omnia was a huge disappointment tho… I gotta give it to you for hangin in there with that!

        2. Do’h!!!

    2. Its a machine that copies over contacts, pictures, videos, txts, from your old phone to your new phone. Its software so its good to have all those just in case.

  3. Isnt the galaxy nexus sch-515 and the prime is sch-19 something?

    1. They are the same phone one is gsm and one is cdma

  4. …….T-mobile…………

  5. Tmobile!

    1. the step child gets it last…

  6. @bmg- EXACTLY!!!

  7. @babadush- The Prime is suppose to replace the Droid Charge so that’s why it follows in it’s build sequence. The Charge is the (SCH-I510) and the Prime is suppose to be the (SCH-I515) Also the picture of the Mobile Genie looks correct. I work for Best Buy Mobile and our Mobile Genie running (Cellebrite) still carries a ton of older devices to transfer data from. You never know when someone is gonna carry in an old POS.

  8. hurry up and show us the phone, i read an article that the End times pastor predicts the end of the world October 23.. yes yes only GOD knows the end of time but show us the money man.. damn it google.

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