Jotly For Android – Everything About Your Life Is Exciting. To Everyone. [Humor]


People love to share. No really — I’ve spent enough time around Facebook and Twitter to know that no matter how mundane, how miniscule or insignificant, people really love to share EVERYTHING. I’m not gonna lie — sometimes it feels good to let others know what you’ve discovered something truly great. Whether it be a great eatery or funny video online — I do it all the time. Now, what if there was a way you could share and rate everything in the known universe, to all your friends, across all social networks? Enter Jotly, a universal sharing app that allows you to rate everything from your favorite hiding spot to the blast radius of a cantaloupe. Now your friends will always know what you’re up to and what you really think of that beer left in a hot alley down the street.

Okay, if you haven’t figured it out yet — the Jotly app doesn’t really exist. It was a parody social sharing/rating app from cleverly thought up by the developers Firespotter, who make their own real, functional food sharing app for Android called Nosh. The REAL app lets you rate specific dishes at restaurants cuz, lets face it, that’s what really matters, right?

Firespotter cleverly pokes fun at the whole social/sharing phenomena and since the Jotly video literally made me “LOL” and the app seemed pretty cool, I figured I’d plug Nosh and give you guys a chance to check it out. You can grab Nosh for free right now in the Android Market.

[Via AllThingsD]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Damn…and here I thought it was legit. lol

  2. Jotly is awesome though. lol they should make it.

  3. I didn’t watch the video before reading the whole post and…absolutely found it completely believable that Jotly could exist in our present-day society. What we -really- need is something like Jotly, but for our friends, where we can publicly rate them and everything they post. Anonymously. Maybe the signal to noise ratio would go up a bit then.

  4. I think that if they put Jot up on the Android Market for 99 cents they’d be millionaires over night.

    Dunno, I’d probably use it just for kicks.

    1. I think it would get used. Imagine this matched up with an alter-reality UI app. You hover your camera around and it will show you everything that has been rated. I, personally, think it would be hilarious.

  5. ja, jolty sounds a lot more fun than nosh…

  6. I rate that guy a B…. he might even get a A- if he takes his cloths off!

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