Google Wallet Updated, Includes New Inline Offers


Google Wallet has received a pretty substantial update, bringing its version number up to 1.0-R33v4. For those lucky enough to own a device capable of using Google’s mobile payment service (read: Nexus S 4G owners), you will be pleased to know you have some new offers coming your way. The updated version of Wallet allows you to access these deals directly. Other updates include:

  • Updated transaction detail screen (for Tap & Pay and in Transaction History)
  • Merchant name and amount now available for Google Prepaid Card purchases
  • Improved button to turn your cards on and off
  • Five minute default PIN timeout for new users
  • An improved tutorial
  • Account Number validation for some gift cards
  • Bug fixes
You can grab the update app by heading on over to the Android Market link below. Finding retailers who will accept Google Wallet payments? That’s another story entirely.
Android Market Link: Google Wallet
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  1. t-mobile, att and verizon need to get their act together and let these features through their carrier. don’t season any reason why this should be halted

    1. I believe it’s because Sprint and this phone are the test market.

      It’s still very early on and many of the merchants don’t have it fully working.

      I’ve had good luck with merchants who have been using paypass for awhile but none of the Jack in the Boxes I tried have worked.

      With only one phone, one network, it makes it easy to narrow down issues strictly with the software.

    2. Oh yeah secondly, there aren’t any other phones on market that have NFC right now.. at least there weren’t as of a month or two ago.

      Verizon doesn’t have a Nexus S.

      I’m not quite sure how you expect Verizon to use this kind of service when they don’t even have a phone that has NFC :)

  2. It’s frustrating that those of us who bought into the NFC ship earlier with the Nexus S (non4g) model still are officially gimped out of the system. I used the unofficial means to get mine working but my buddy who I understand doesn’t want to spend time screwing with his phone is left out in the cold.

    All we really ask for is an answer to why?

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