LG Announces First True HD IPS Display, Debuts it in LG Optimus LTE


LG has announced what they’re calling the world’s first “True HD IPS display” and that it is. LG’s introducing this beaut inside the 720p HD display-touting LG Optimus LTE that we covered last week. You can find more on that device here.

They’re boasting great clarity, colors and screen real estate with this offering. IPS technology is said to be the best for LCDs so we won’t challenge them on that claim yet. Here are a few of the advantages of having this display inside of a phone:

· More information at a glance with genuine 1280 x 720 HD resolution and 16:9 screen viewing without  distortion, which are the same standards used in the television industry;
· Sharper and crisper text thanks to 329 ppi real RGB resolution;
· True natural colors that are the most comfortable to eyes;
· Automatic color adjustments applied by LG’s exclusive Mobile HD Graphic Engine;
· HD Movie Editor to create personalized HD videos quickly and easily.
We’ll be getting the LG Optimus LTE in for review to see if all of this rings true in real world use. That phone will have a 4.5 inch display of the aforementioned variety, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage alongside a pre-installed 16GB microSD car and dual cameras with an 8 megapixel HD shooter on the back and a 1.3 megapixel shooter on the front. It will only be available for South Korea initially.
Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow that’s some serious Specifications there LG!

  2. I just wish HTC would ditch Super LCD and go for IPS or AMOLed

    1. You know IPS is a LCD screen right? It is not them ditching a screen but who can product it for them.

      1. Yes IPS is LCD but Super LCD isn’t IPS ha! That’s what he means

  3. I would like to have this screen on EVERY phone.

    Though i’d rather have a 16:10 screen.

  4. Really awesome looking specifications! I wish LG would have a more original UI or just keep it stock-Android though…

  5. Just tell me when this tech will appear in a phone made by an OEM who actually matters, i.e. HTC, Nokia, etc.

    1. What’s wrong with LG?

      1. Nothing at all. I’ve had LG phones from my first dumb phone to now, and love them. I’ve had issues with samsung, and htc phones but never LG. Haters gonna hate is all.

        1. That looks like the case. LG’s phones are pretty good overall in my experience. Love my LG GW620, despite its slowness.

  6. This kills my G2x! LG is comin up son! Now bring this badboy to the states pronto!

  7. Say what you wanna say but ive said it before. LG is the next Samsung. Now on this article it reads dual cemeras but in the actual phone backing I only see one. What is it engadget? 2 cameras means 3D. Anyway LG…..just hurry up and bring me 2.3.4 for my Thrill!!!

    1. Dual cams meaning standard back and front facing. Eh hem.

      1. dual overhead cams :D

  8. Isn’t the screen that Apple uses MADE by LG? Sounds nice, but I’d rather take Super AMOLED (plus is a plus) over any LCD anyday.

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