Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! Coming Very Soon To Android Market [Video]


Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re looking for a zombie blasting good time, developer Xoobis is all set to release the sequel to their smash iOS hit Zombie Wonderland, Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time!, to the Android masses.

The game has been slated for an October release and Xoobis released this new trailer to remind us of its impending arrival. Gameplay is a mixed bag of tricks featuring colorful graphics, fun character designs and a mish-mash of gaming genre’s. Xoobis describes Zombie Wonderland 2 as,

“If Tower Defense had a baby with Time Management, and its uncle Survival Horror enrolled him in an Action Shooter school, the name of the baby would be Zombie Wonderland.”

We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as this title drops in the Android Market. For now, you can watch the brand new trailer and check out the press release. “Awwwww yeah!”

[Via AndroidForums]

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  1. no gameplay footage fail

    1. Hey bud, you’re just a big bundle of negative energy aren’t you? You hate everything and have to say something against everything. Troll :-).

      1. I don’t know about his previous posts, but a game trailer with no gameplay is worse than useless. Trailers without gameplay for games like Dead Island gave completely the wrong impression of what the game is about.

        Imagine a movie trailer with no footage from the movie. How pointless would that be? This is the same.

        1. I’m not justifying the bad trailer..its the dude the wrote the post.

      2. there you are.. werent you the liar that said your SGS2 gets 1900 on Quardrant… Why are you still here? Go spit your rubbish elsewhere.

        FYI, this is what you wrote to me….

        “I’m assuming you’re the douche that sent in the pics, that’s why you’re getting so defensive. It’s okay i don’t mind you talking crap. Our store got twice your stock, i sell 5 times the amount that you do and make about 3 times more than you. You should ask me what my check was that i received today…then you’ll go crying like the little wimp that you are. Go cry somewhere else, talking trash over a quadrant score? Serious issues.”

        To which I replied… Da Fuck?

        ..and you’re calling me a hater… rofl

    2. then go write you own apps.

  2. Is their a video game-play on this I think it’s much better to really appreciate the game…

  3. I like these game thanks for blog..

  4. I like this games thanks for this blog..

  5. Looks very cool! Will give it a review at

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