Google TV Director Gives New ETA On Honeycomb Update


Speaking at a Q&A session for the Connected TV panel during MIPCOM 2011, Google TV Director of Content Donagh O’Malley finally let the cat out of the bag regarding Google TV’s much anticipated Honeycomb update. He was quoted as saying,

“What I can tell you about what’s coming up with Google TV, is version two is about to launch probably within the next three or four weeks.”

O’Malley also went on to say that that there are around 250 apps currently optimized for Google TV and when Google TV 2.0 finally goes live, we can expect a jump from 8 apps to 1,000 overnight. You can watch the full session in the video below (Donagh O’Malley begins speaking at the 36 minute mark and gives Honeycomb ETA at 57:50).

If you take what he says as Bible, we can expect the Android 3.1 Honeycomb update just in time for the holidays. Coincidence that this lines up with the new version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich? It’s going to be a fun year.

[Gnarld via GTVSource]

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  1. Why wouldn’t it be Ice Cream?

    1. That’s what I was thinking. And why can’t Google TV be embedded inside each Ice Cream phone? Allowing us to dock our phones and use them as Google TV boxes. If this is not able in the Ice Cream release, then Google has missed a great opportunity.

      1. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Since it highjacks the HDMI overlay it would basically make your TV worthless unless your phone is docked 24/7. With the PiP Feature and all of that this would be a major feat. I for one wouldn’t want a GTV embedded on the phone since it has the other tight integration and once it gets all of the apps it basically is its own phone and almost anything that runs on the GTV will run on a phone anyways the OS is going to be pretty lightweight from there. But I am sure someone will find a way to port it but without the dual hardware HDMI Ports you will lose about 90% of the functionality.

        1. I guess what I really want is just the user interface for when I connect my phone to my TV. I don’t need all the DVR integration. It would be nice to be able to use a USB device as a remote too.

  2. He never said honeycomb ;)

  3. upgrading my google tv more better? GREAT! i love it now.

  4. Woo Hoo , commenting from my google tv right now !! cant wait ! my wife got me the Revue for Christmas last year, the update around X-mas will make it like a new gift again.

  5. Well, I think we all know from experience what “probably within the next three or four weeks.” means when coming from Google; Those of us that were waiting for Gingerbread on the N1 anyway ;)

  6. So three to four more weeks means November potentially and this was originally supposed to come out in July. Seems a bit behind schedule…


  8. buying a google TV device was by far the biggest waste of money ever. Google really blew it on this piece of shit. They hyped it up to be something amazing and great, but failed to remove the various kinks and bugs within it.

  9. I for one love GTV, i feel the UI from my cable provider is sluggish and annoying to find what im looking for. GTV helps me find any show or movie fast. I have the sony BD which i enjoy. I only wish it worked well with my STB. Currenly i get no video i only wish google could do something about that, esspically since they own part of motorola though not sure if the STB falls under them or not.

  10. Well, bear in mind, it’s entirely possible that Google is using the French Republican Calendar internally. Or maybe metric calendars? 10 days per week, 10 weeks per month, 10 months per year?

  11. If “summer release” actually means November? Then “release in November” actually means March. Last time “March release” was actually in Summer. Summer means November… and it all starts over again. They are doing this on purpose. There will be no update, it’s all hype to sell the last of the Revues.

    Logitech just remember what is happening to Netflix currently. Netflix ticked off the customers and now have lost 800,000 customers. I personally will not buy any Logitech product again. Old Logitech was good, new Logitech sucks big time. Remember all this when your products stop selling and your all looking for new jobs.

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