Oct 6th, 2011

Speaking at a Q&A session for the Connected TV panel during MIPCOM 2011, Google TV Director of Content Donagh O’Malley finally let the cat out of the bag regarding Google TV’s much anticipated Honeycomb update. He was quoted as saying,

“What I can tell you about what’s coming up with Google TV, is version two is about to launch probably within the next three or four weeks.”

O’Malley also went on to say that that there are around 250 apps currently optimized for Google TV and when Google TV 2.0 finally goes live, we can expect a jump from 8 apps to 1,000 overnight. You can watch the full session in the video below (Donagh O’Malley begins speaking at the 36 minute mark and gives Honeycomb ETA at 57:50).

If you take what he says as Bible, we can expect the Android 3.1 Honeycomb update just in time for the holidays. Coincidence that this lines up with the new version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich? It’s going to be a fun year.

[Gnarld via GTVSource]