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Whether it’s from their desktop client, plug-in or Android app, Google is celebrating over 1 billion downloads of Google Earth. They let the world know via their blog today and acknowledged how great of a tool Google Earth has become for users all across the globe.

As for a little backstory on how Google Earth got it’s start, Keyhole Inc. was actually the mastermind responsible for using Earth Viewer application suite to map the entire globe in stunning high resolution and combine that with cloud computing and 3D virtualization. Once Google caught wind, they acquired Keyhole, Inc. back in 2004 and the following year Google Earth was released.

There are a ton of “feel good” stories from users who have been making great use of Google Earth and Google was kind enough to pool these stories on Here, you can experience these stories in 3D using the Google Earth plug-in and even submit your own. Happy exploring!

[Via GoogleBlog]

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  1. Google Earth is filled with too much propaganda. It is the only Google product I refuse to use.

    1. Didn’t run very well on my G1 o_O

    2. why are there still people who think the world is still flat??

  2. Afternoon, Google Earth has helped me immensely as I am applying for employment in remote Australian mines and to be able to quickly look at an area that is mentioned in the vacancy advert, and to see if I like it, if it floods, if it close to… well anything I am curious about is fantastic. I have actually not applied for one job as the mine site was not to my liking after viewing with Google Earth. Then I Googled the mine and found poor reviews about it as well. What a lucky break and all because of Google Earth. Thank you.

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