Adobe to Release Flash 11 and AIR 3 Tonight


Adobe’s just announced that they will be releasing Flash 11 and AIR 3 tonight at 9PM pacific (which would actually be tomorrow morning – 12 AM on Oct 4th – for everyone on the east coast and later for timezones beyond).

The latest update to Flash is said to be very significant with features such as 3D applications and gaming support on mobile, highly-improved performance through stability updates and framerate increases and more. Developers get to sink their teeth into a lot of new goods, too, so everyone will want to be on the lookout for this when it does get released.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Who is going to notice this with all the blogs talking about the iPhone 5 at the same time?

    1. Us. ;)

      1. I still think that Flash sucks but hopefully 11 bring big changes, of course that was the same promise we got when I first downloaded it on my Nexus One after the 2010 Goolge I/O.

        Adobe should have done this today.

        1. It’s not magical, but I hardly think it sucks. Loved having Flash on my N1 ever since I downloaded the app on the first day it was released.

    2. iphone 5?

      1. iDon’t know?

    3. The Air performance improvements are pretty big for developers hitting both platforms with the same codebase.

  2. Sweet, I’m excited.

  3. Love it. Apple releases their new iPhone which will sell to 1 out of every 5 cell phone buyers. Meanwhile, Android sells to 3 out of 5. Go ahead, Apple. Release your who-cares device. I’ll have flash on mine and access to the entire web. Oooh, that’s gots to hoit!

    1. I’m a huge android fan, and own an android phone; but you cannot say Apple releases ‘who-cares’ devices. iDevices seem to be the only thing consumers care about…

      1. yeah, that’s why they are not increasing their market share at the same speed that android does.

        people, just look at the numbers : consumers care about android. ifanboys care about idevices.

        (it should be noted that i have an ipad – given to me for free by an airline company – for almost a year and i am still unable to see what people like it for. I am getting my android tablet as soon as i get my payment next month. I mention this so that people wouldn’t go “you don’t know, iOS is teh b3st etc etc”)

        1. Ya I guess apple could take the position of putting their IOS on any shitty phone out there.
          There is a reason they dont.
          They tend to believe in the user experience and not having shitty phones out there.

          1. Well the user experience that won’t let people use all the features available. i.e. Flash sites (which is almost the same as not having a text message app on your cell. I think users should have the choice of what they want to install on their phone, and not the company restricting them the choice.

          2. Ya cause flash works so well on Android.

          3. Mine works well, it’s not perfect, but the main issue which is battery life should be addressed with 11.
            But again if you don’t like flash, don’t install it, no one forces anyone to use it.

          4. yeah, the user experience i get from the ipad is really great. especially when apps crash like 50 or 60 times a day because there is not enough Ram.

            Come on, use real arguments for once!

    2. There should be a mental illness diagnoses for someone who takes an iphone so fuckin personally. Same for the iphone fanbabies who take android so personally.
      You both are as fuckin obnoxious as the other.
      Do you go through owning crap and taking the competition so damn personally?
      get a life.

    3. Too bad flash sucks in the browser and all of the games I’ve played that utilize adobe air have all been laggy. I highly doubt this update will fix those problems, but if they do, I’ll get back to you.

      1. You sure it’s not your phone? Because Galaxy S2 can already 1080p Flash and probably won’t benefit from this update.

        1. I have an atrix 4g, which is as fast as the galaxy s2. If the software is badly coded, then it doesn’t matter how fast your phone is. On top of the bad performance, all of the security flaws in flash are embarrassing. I hope this update actually makes flash look appealing on android vs giving apple the chance to say “I told ya so, adobe flash sucks”. If you don’t understand how adobe flash and air are slow, then try loading a flash heavy desktop website in the default android browser. Or try playing an intensive adobe air game like dillo hills or ink ball. The frame rate is lower than most android games.

          And the only reason I’m doubtful this will help is because Adobe has done this before…released an update that claimed to be faster with flash and air, and it turned out not to be.

          What do you mean, “it can 1080 flash”? Please tell me you’re not confusing adobe flash with camera flash.

          1. Galaxy S2 is the only phone that does 1080p Adobe Flash videos. I also have G2X which is same Tegra 2 SoC on the Atrix. I know it can only do 480p on it.


          2. Just about any phone with decent specs can “play” 1080p video, but it doesn’t matter since most screen are 480×800 instead of 1080p. It would only matter up until you use HDMI out. I mostly play youtube videos in the app since again, flash and youtube performance is absolutely terrible within the default web browser and only better within the opera browser.

          3. I am talking about 1080p Adobe Flash video through stock browser. Opera, Dolphin HD, ect.. not just a regular 1080p video with h264, xvid, or divx codec through a video player app. Some PC still struggle to play 1080p Adobe Flash. I am playing Amazon Prime HD videos through browser right now.

    4. iPhone is simple to use and offer many functions. it’s a perfect phone for simple minded people. on the other hand, android is more suitable for advanced people.

  4. i can’t wait until the 11th… so i don’t have to hear iFruit devices anymore……. and finally see if Google and Samsung are announcing the Nexus3

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