Luma Arcade Announces New Game “Bladeslinger” – Coming Soon To Android


In case you felt the quantity of triple-A titles hitting the Android Market to be a bit lacking, I have some great news for you. Luma Arcade has announced their 3rd person action beat ’em-up, Bladeslinger. The game was unveiled at the Unity 11 conference and you guessed it, was built using the cross platform Unity engine.

In a statement Sam Williams, The General Manager of Luma Arcade said:

The Bladeslinger story has been a pet passion project of our studio for a long time now. It’s such a detailed, rich universe with lots of action packed sequences that we always imagined we’d need to build it for PC or consoles, but with Unity, we were able to bring the project to life targeting cutting edge smartphones and tablets without compromising our vision for the game.

The game’s setting is a sci-fi/Western beat ’em/shoot ’em up featuring strange monsters you have to defeat using gestures (ala Infinity Blade). From the trailer, it looks like special moves can be activated using cards and a combination of shapes you draw on the screen. If you’re intrigued just take a look at the Luma Arcade’s official trailer for Bladeslinger.

There’s no denying Bladeslinger is looking top notch in the graphics department. It will be interesting to see how well the game actually plays. For the love of Gawd, let’s pray this wont be another Nvidia Tegra exclusive. What do you guys think? Hit or miss?

[Via IGN]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Good lookin game. More of a tablet game IMO.

    1. Or maybe a phoneblet? o_O

      1. You just wanted to comment so you could add that comment. Attention whore =0P

        *pats Chris on the head*

  2. Nice, since it’s just a beat ’em game, hopefully the controls will be nice and simple!

  3. I hope this works on my xoom

  4. doesn’t look exciting imo, and the fighting looks a little awkward, but knowing the phone gaming market, this will probably sell tons, and be called THE BEST GAME EVAR.

    1. I agree. The graphics look decent (for a phone) but the gameplay will probably be terrible. It amazes me how “analysts” keep talking about how gaming on mobile phones will eventually replace consoles/PC’s. I say never.

      For REAL gamers, these iOS/Android games are laughable. It amazes me how everyone is amazed at the graphics of games on a phone that would be barely passable on something like XBOX or PS3. On top of that, the gameplay is almost always terrible. There’s only so much you can do without buttons. I’m sorry guys but consoles are here to stay.

  5. Looks great…
    And it will probably work on my GSII since Angry bots does and uses the unity engine :D

  6. At least it’s not a Gameloft game, so it may actually be available for most of the “current gen” phones/tabs. Ya know, the ones with a dual core apu and a gig of ram (I’m looking at you Bionic/9mm).

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