Feedly Version 6.0 Now Available In The Android Market – New UI and Tumblr/Facebook Integration


If you’re looking for a great RSS/news reader app, Feedly has just been updated in the Android Market and includes a handful of new goodies. Version 6.0 brings about a brand new, more minimal UI. Adding to the list of integrated services like Google Reader, Twitter, Read It Later, Instapaper are the new comers, Tumblr and Facebook. If you want to also use the Chrome or Firefox plug-ins, the app also allows for cross platform syncing, meaning you’ll never miss a beat. They’ve also added some easier sharing options even incorporating that new social network everyone is talking about — Oh yes, Google+.

You can find the new version of Feedly right now for absolutely free in your Android Market.

[Market Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. i misread, i thought you meant market updated to version 6 haha.

    1. There. I think I fixed it. LOL

  2. NICE! This is my favorite RSS reader for both mobile and desktop. In fact, it’s probably my most-used Android app!

  3. I love the phone app, loved the desktop app (new version is sooo slow). Wish they would fix the stupid tablet app. There is no way to mark a single article as unread.

    1. eric. we patched the desktop version to fix the scrolling performance bug. Please make sure that you are running 6.0.401. Regarding the ability to mark an individual article as read on the tablet, we hear you and are looking at new gestures for 7.0.

      1. Desktop version is better. Not yet 5.4 levels of smooth, but not bad.

        As for new gestures, I don’t know why there isn’t a mark unread button in the dropdown menu in the article view. That is all it would take for me to switc h to feedly on honeycomb.

        Well, I just updated the iPad version, and now it has an unread button. The honeycomb one is missing this?

  4. This is why you have actors or professionals in your vids, I fell asleep after 3 sentences form the guy, woke up and turned it off. I’m hoping the app is better.

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