uTorrent Alpha Update (Desktop Client) Adds Android Support


When I read headlines that uTorrent would be adding Android support, I got excited – I thought there would be an app for adding, monitoring and managing torrents. Unfortunately, this is not that. Instead, uTorrent will now allow you to drag and drop new files downloaded over to your Android device.

In future updates, the client will convert video files to more suitable formats on the fly for playback on your device. You can get the alpha update right now if you want, but we imagine most of you will want to wait for it to reach stable status. If you are in the minority, go ahead and grab Alpha 3.1 here. [TorrentFreak]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I use uTorrent Remote to manage and monitor my downloads on my Android tablet. It works perfectly. I haven’t physically touched my download machine in a month.

  2. damn skippy!

  3. Hey Quentyn, ^ the above poster, Haggie, is right – uTorrent Remote seems to have been out for awhile, and it’s legit from BitTorrent. It’s the App you’ve always wanted :)

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t even know this app existed. Thanks for the insight! And thanks to you too, Haggie.

    2. Torrent Fu also does a nice job of managing your torrents. It’s compatible with uTorrent as well as Transmission.

  4. FYI – I would recommend TorrentFu over uTorrent Remote. Enabling uTorrent remote makes it difficult/impossible to use malicious peer blocking software. TorrentFu has all the same functions but operates using the webGUI protocol which does not interfere with PeerBlock.

    1. Does TorrentFu still allow wireless file transfer?

  5. Transdroid also supports controlling uTorrent via the WebUI as well as a number of other Torrent daemons; I use Transmission on WD MyBook World Edition (network storage) to keep torrents up and running apart from any computer in my house.

    It’s no longer available in the market, but Transdroid is probably the best torrent controller as it also features integrated torrent searching and rss from inside the app.

  6. All be careful not to steal especially If your a Christian or Jewish,be careful not to steal with this.

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