Sep 23rd, 2011

3 years may not sound like much in people years but in smartphone years — that’s like Clint Eastwood status. It was 3 years ago to this day that T-Mobile officially announced the G1. It was the smartphone that started a revolution. T-Mobile made a booboo today when they tweeted that the G1’s birthday was today, but after cross referencing, the device was actually announced on September 23rd, 2008. The G1 wont officially turn 3 until October 22nd, the day that it was released.

Either way, I can’t believe how far Android has come since then.What’s really weird is how I was feeling nostalgic last night and found myself watching old G1 videos. I’m curious, any Phandroid readers out there still rockin’ the G1? Stock? Rooted? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks, Keller!

[Via Twitter]

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