1SaleADay Offering 32GB Sandisk MicroSD Card for $30


The folks at 1SaleADay have posted a great deal today for a 32GB microSD card from SanDisk. You can get the card for just $30 (plus $5 for shipping and handling), a hell of a deal considering it still costs around $50 at most retailers (and considering these things used to be amazingly expensive just a short year ago). It also comes with an SD card adapter.

With more and more phones getting support for 32GB cards these days, we wouldn’t be surprised if these are snatched up before we can hit lunch time. Note that this card is only class 4, something rooters especially will need to consider before making a purchase decision. Head over to 1SaleADay to get started. [Thanks Molo!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yeah, but it is a Sandisk class 4. They tend to be very conservative.

    1. What does that mean? What are the drawbacks of it being a class 4?

      1. Speed, they come in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 with 10 being the fastest. It your just moving small files a 2 or 4 is fine but if your putting a movie or a large collection or music it takes forever with a class 2 or 4.

        1. This is all fine and dandy. But some fail to look beyond the “specs” page. Class 6, 8 and 10 have consistently been reviewed as unreliable. Manufacturers are set free to label there devices as a “Class X” without any real authority to prove it or stand behind it!

          This is an unregulated market that has consumer buying up items labeled class 10 than perform at a class 4 level. I dont trust anything over class 4 at this time. Its very disappointing!

      2. What are the applications for Speed Class?
        Class 2 : H.264 video recording, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 video recording
        Class 4: MEPG-2 (HDTV) video recording, digital still camera (DSC) consecutive photo shooting
        Class 6: Mega-pixel DSC consecutive photo shooting, professional video camera
        Class 10: Full HD video recording, HD still picture consecutive shooting

    2. Class 4 is fine for most users’ needs. It isn’t until you get to the root crowd that Class 6 becomes necessary (and these days, with most high end and even some mid-range phones, Class 6 for root is unnecessary as partitioning an SD card for apps, cache and virtual memory becomes unnecessary.

      1. Sandisk makes the best microSD cards without a doubt though. Their Class 4’s are comparable to most brand’s Class 8/10’s. Obvious especially when trying to run an OS off of it. Ask the Nook Color guys.

  2. They don’t send it Russia :(

  3. That’s better than my droid x which only has a Class 2 SD Card, In for one.

  4. I thought the Droid X is supposed to record HD video, however it only comes with a Class 2 MicroSD Card which according to my link I posted said it’s only possible for SD Video.

  5. Awesome deal. Got a few for my cell phones and one for the tablet. At Class 4 its more than enough for my needs and being its Sandisk, they usually tend to be a bit faster than the advertised class rating.

  6. Do they ship to the UK, cant find any info?

  7. In for 2! Thx Mr. Kennemer!

  8. Damnit. I just ordered one three days ago. It was 42$ (including shipping) so not too bad i guess

  9. I check this site daily. I told my hunny about this deal, but he said it’s not worth getting unless it’s a Class 10. After he explained why, I agreed. :)

  10. alright!! i bought mine just now.. there’s a $5 shipping fee though… darn it.. but its still cheaper than other websites like or newegg

  11. I dunno, I’ve got and Epic Touch… Would I be better off with a class 10 card since the phone is capable of hi-res photos/video??

    Anyways.. i just got a 16gb class 10 at Frys Electronics for for 22.

  12. Well, that’s a bust. I tried to order one, but when I try to confirm the order, it tells me the street address and zip code I’m using for shipping don’t match. I tried with my workplace address and also with the address for the UPS store that I keep a box at for shipments. I have shipments sent to both addresses all the time without issue, but this 1Saleaday site doesn’t seem to have it together enough to recognize accurate addresses.

  13. Can anybody vouch for this site? I have bought a fake 32gb SDHC card before and it sucks.

  14. Can anyone vouch for this site? I have bought a fake 32gb MicroSD card before and it is no fun.

  15. Can anyone vouch for this site? I have bought a fake 32GB microSDHC card before an it’s no fun.

    1. The site is legit, however you must read carefully – this is a class 4, and not even remotely a bargain. you can find a 32GB class 4 regularly for not much more than this.

  16. Awesome buy for me i am happy with it being a class 4

  17. Scooped one. Class 4, class shmore. It’s all gravyliscious at that price.

  18. Gotta wonder if these are real or knockoff Sandisk cards.

  19. damn, missed it….class 4 sandisk is still good for the phone. You only need class 6+ if you are recording 1080p HD video.

  20. Mine arrived Saturday October 8 and I have been trying ever since to get it to work in my Fedora 14 laptop. It mounts fine, but read-only. What good is a read-only storage device? I have spent hours trying to format it, delete the partition, change the boot flag and disk label, but everything returns the error message: The device is read only.” SanDisk must have some kind of rootkit lock on the thing. Tomorrow it goes back.

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