Samsung Galaxy S Glide On Its Way To Rogers Canada – 4 Row QWERTY and Dual-cores


For all you QWERTY lovers out there who have been eyeballing Samsung’s new line of Galaxy S II handsets we have one more for you to check out. It’s called the Galaxy S Glide but don’t let the name fool you, this device has more in common with its “II” cousins than you might think.

Besides its very “Galaxy S II-ish” styling, the device features a nice little 4-row slide out keyboard complete with 4-inch Super AMOLED display. Before you think this is just a rehashed Epic 4G, the Galaxy S Glide will also come equipped with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor (Snapdragon?), 8MP rear/1.2MP front facing cameras.

So while this device doesn’t seem to pack enough punch to carry the esteemed “II” title, there’s definitely enough here here to catch your eye. There was no word yet on pricing or availability but we do know it’s headed to Rogers Canada sometime before the holidays. You may remember this device from a few months ago thanks to its leaked pics. Back then it was rumored to hit AT&T later this year and I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

[Via MobileSyrup]

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  1. I wonder if this gives a clue to the rumored Nexus Prime with keyboard. if so, yes please! But on Sprint, I’m flat out done with AT&T (who shares bands with rogers, so this could be used if unlocked).

    1. New nexus wont have a slide out keyboard. Unless they release two versions, one with, one without. But I wouldnt hold your breath

      1. According to the discussions over on Android Central, at least one of the major carriers will receive a Nexus Prime with a physical QWERTY keyboard…

  2. This would be my next phone, were it available on Big Red.

    1. Muahahahha, you guys get enuff osm phones!

  3. Why would you automatically assume the 1.2 dual core would be a Snapdragon. Doesn’t the Exynos make more sense?

    1. Well, seeing how it wont have the official “Galaxy S II” name, I would assume only their “II” branded devices would get the Exynos. No?

      1. Agree Sammy always leaves their best cpus for the Galaxy S line..
        still though aqesome specs and love the keyboard layout

  4. Hope it comes to AT&T. I wish the numbers were in numpad layout on the right side of the keyboard rather than across the top though… Makes it so much easier to enter several numbers in a row since you have to hold alt down with one of your thumbs.

    1. Cant you just press it twice in order to input multiple symbols/numbers at a time? That’s how old Lotus and Lotus elite worked, so I always assumed any smart phone with a keyboard would act the same

      1. Yeah, you can, you just have to hit it again after you are finished. That is definitively the preferred way for very long numbers, but for just 3 or 4 I usually just hold the key down

        It’s certainly not a deal breaker or anything, but I used to have an old Windows Mobile phone that worked that way and it just seemed like it made a lot more sense. I think I actually prefer that layout to a dedicated fifth number row.

  5. Typical slide-out brick

    1. Brick? Thinner and slicker than what motos been offering for the last year or so..

  6. I wonder if this will appear in the UK at some point…

    Could end up being my next phone…

  7. Just a thought: What is with all the 0.3 to 1.3 VGA front facing cams,boo. Also they couldn’t they have bumped the screen to 4.3″ that’s pretty much the norm for a mid to high end device now. Anyways I would have to pass if this was ever released on ATT. But, on positive note the keyboard does look very user friendly.

    1. Agreed keyboard actually looks really good

  8. Why is it that nowadays, slider QWERTY translates to crap specs? Are those of us who want a high-end slider stuck with the Motorola Droid line and nothing more? The Droid 3 was a huge disappointment; it would have been wildly successful with LTE, but without it, it’s useless. Make the screen 4.3 inches again, give it a nice, spacious keyboard, give it LTE, an Exynos, and 1GB RAM.

    The market for high-end sliders is simply empty. Any company that releases a phone with those specs will have an instant monopoly on a niche of the market that isn’t going anywhere. There are still those of us who refuse to use the joke that is a virtual keyboard.

    1. I am waiting for the same phone you want…

    2. Waiting for that phone! Sigh, and have you SEEN at&t’s excuses for “high end” android? Especially keyboard…LG quantum WTF?

  9. its good to see an hiend qwerty form factor, i was expecting att version of galaxy S2 to be that one too bad they went to ripoff iphone, i wish that nexus prime will be a qwerty form factor too

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